Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2015

Presidential Election Anno 2000 (CACN Sum 1996)

In the lead article, we lament the presidency of Clinton and scorn the voters who put the disgraceful pro-abort adulterer in power.  We cite the perspicacious Joseph Sobran in his castigation of American submission to perverse laws and evil rulers: Most of the human race, alas, will go along with anything that is legal.  There has never been […]

Buchanan: Disestablishing Statism (CACN Spr 1996)

In the lead article of this 12-page newsletter we opine over the fact that the political process necessarily involves compromise. “Radical Fringe”  news is abundant (pp. 2 -6, 11).  Marjorie Reed’s 15 December release date is noted. News on Don Benny Anderson, jailed in 1982 and sentenced to 30 years for kidnapping a pair of abortionists in Illinois  […]

Purity, Compromise and Politics (CACN Winter 1995)

Dr. Michael Colvin provides the lead article on the necessity of political compromise as distinguished from sound ethical judgments.  One can certainly choose of the better of two bad candidates.  But one must not surrender the truth by which one evaluates them.  The application of such wisdom was the rejection of Randall Terry in favor […]

CACN Fall, 1995 (Issue no. 19)

Capitol Area Christian News  Re: Issue  no. 19 (Fall quarter, 1995) and future editions of  the quarterly    21 October, 1995 Dear Blessed Subscriber, We ask your pardon for  the leanness of this fall issue.  Hard times have befallen us.  Reformation Lutheran Church,  which has subsidized the publishing of  Capitol Area Christian News, is unable to […]

Grand Jury in Alexandria (CACN Sum 1995)

The lead article of the 12-page issue reports on the Grand Jury conducted by Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno whom we have dubbed, “Nero” in most reporting on her persecution of anti-abortion Christians.  Danny Bramwell (Massachusetts), Cheryl Richardson (Bowie, and jailed for refusing to answer questions)  and Al Morley (Denver).  Bramwell was an activist who […]

Cults and Conspirators (CACN Sept 1994)

Back to a 12-page issue, the lead article, it features a picture of Paul Hill, handcuffed, as he was arrested a few months prior to his aborting of Abortionist Britton.  He was arrested by a cop hired by the abortionist.  The cause was yelling loud enough that the “clients” inside were disturbed by his pleading for the child’s life. […]

Tyrannoliberalis Sex (CACN June 1994)

The four-page June, 1994 issue of Capitol Area Christian News featured a lead article on a distinction between autocracy and tyranny.  The former, if a benevolent monarchy as Machiavelli’s Prince, is to be preferred over a Godless, federal-court-dominated “democracy.” “National News for the Radical Fringe” (p. 3) featured a poem which was subsequently brought to the […]

Pensacola Report (CACN Mar 1994)

The front page features a picture of Revs. Paul Hill, David Trosch, and Michael Bray with the caption declaring: “Presbyterian, Catholic, and Lutheran ecumenism at its best.”  The lead article reported upon the trial of Michael Griffin, who gunned down Abortionist David Gunn.  Page 2 featured a picture of at least five SWAT men arresting a bi-stander (in favor […]

CACN Dec 1993

It is a sparse (4-page) issue pleading support for Life Advocate Magazine and announcing the decision of Andrew Burnett to produce A Time to Kill.  We also note the tenth anniversary of Reformation Lutheran Church, pastured by Michael Bray, M.A. (New Testament) and Michael Colvin., Ph.D. (classical studies).   The church, in this issue, is reported to have 10 […]

Testing the Anti-Blockade Law in Maryland (CACN Sept 1993)

The article begins as follows: “On July 31 John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe (Prolife Maryland) gathered some Christians together at Gohari’s aborturary (a.k.a Metropolitan Women’s Center, or something like that) in Greenbelt.  Approaching the familiar scene of ‘borts and prolifers arrayed opposite one another was Deborah Drapkin.  Her intention was to enter the abortuary as if to procure […]

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