Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

March, 2023

That Awesome Judgment Day

No one is above the Law of God: No president, no policeman, no pastor. All will face the Judge and be found Without a chance and left to frown In the choking outpouring of judgment. Guilty will be the charge before angels And all will say a loud “Amen!”Justice will be served and sentence carried […]

Normal v. Depraved

You know you are living in a morally corrupt and perverse world when those who butcher babies are considered normal, upstanding, worthy of police protection and beyond criticism while those who protect babies (by any means necessary – peaceful or effective) are called “terrorists.” 31 March, 2023

What?  Still Ain’t Kicked Out Biden?

The “church” ain’t kicked out Biden?!?!?Got no prostate or just hidin’? What’s it take to kick out a heretic? Need to your brain someone to take a brick? The fool is a holocaust champion! A leader of ghouls into the darkness! What kind of  church helps a heretic Continue to lead folks astray, And support […]

Thanksgiving for the Light!

Oh, the imagination of man When left to roam quite pagan! Think for moment of “suovetaurilia,” That peculiar practice of the Romans, Sacrificing a pig, a sheep and an ox! Yeah, the Greeks did the same thing And called it by the name of Trittya. Indeed, they knew they were in trouble: That universal awareness […]

Vouchers for Families Who Home School?

Why not?  A family takes on the expense of educating their children, relieving the state of the expense.  How about a voucher?  Or a tax deduction for those who opt to school their children privately? How about that “choice” thing that women’s libbers are always railing about?  Huh???? 27 March, 2023

Another Stroll

From yet another stroll I am returned; Yes, walking about this tired town. Many-a child has walked the streets And many-an adult as well Hopefully in prayerful consideration Of those gates to heaven to pass. There is that alternative course By which many have been tantalized, But the promise is an empty one Leaving the […]

All the Way

“Write it down, sir, for Jayne” (says from Tobra, the author, an anti-abortion associate for many-a year now).To the tune of song, “Johnny Reb” by Johnny Horton. You fought all the wayMichael Bray Michael Bray You fought all the way.When the feds came callingYou didn’t run bawling You fought all the way,Michael Bray Michael Bray  (Flattered, of […]

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