Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


On Proper Emergency Political Procedure

What do you do when your House Is overcome by Democrats? Same thing you do when your house Is overcome with rats. You get rid of them or leave! How? Well since you can’t exterminate them, You exclude them from your House – and Senate. No Nazis!  No Democrats! You, surely, don’t allow them to […]

Fag-friendly, Pro-abort, Pervert Democrats

How is such a party is even legally (not to mention morally) legitimate?  This is a party which stands, by its own official party policy, in support of the slaughter of human babies and of the legalized sodomy. How is it that churches have not disciplined (resulting is excommunication) their stubborn or unrepentant or ignorant […]

How Democrat?

How does a man vote Democrat (The party of perversion – simple as that)? Pro-baby-murder and -sodomy From the law of God set free! That “Do your own thing” mentality Where you can’t tell Right from Wrong Livin’ by the light of the bong, Casting God’s Word by the way side Sending the nation down […]

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