Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


“Justice Shall You Do!”

(What is Justice?) The proper response to manstealers was not to run away from them:  to “secede.”  The proper response was to confront and STOP THE EVIL and free the slaves.  Stop the evil! The proper response to child slaughter is not make it safe and legal, but to outlaw it and punish murderers of […]

Biden, a Perverted POTUS

Since Dobbs, 100 Pro-Life Groups and 218 Churches Have Been Attacked. Biden Has Prosecuted Only Four People National  |  Joshua Mercer  |   Dec 6, 2023   |   9:18AM   |  Washington, DC Lawmakers confronted Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke over her department’s allegedly discriminatory practices during a House Judiciary Committee […]

On Proper Emergency Political Procedure

What do you do when your House Is overcome by Democrats? Same thing you do when your house Is overcome with rats. You get rid of them or leave! How? Well since you can’t exterminate them, You exclude them from your House – and Senate. No Nazis!  No Democrats! You, surely, don’t allow them to […]

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