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Michael Bray 20 Feb., 2017 Why do we allow the trendy opinions of a couple Jews and apostate Gentile Christians rule the land – overthrowing the laws of God, the nation, and our cities? The evanescent feelings, mindset, or “opinions” of “the Court” – like the afflatus of an ass – will pass.  Law, however, must – […]

The Single “Issue” and Trump

7 Feb., 2017 A false parity between “the right” and “the left” continues now into the middle of the fifth decade. I have in mind of course the “abortion issue.” It is not true that those on each side ought to respect one another’s opinion and patiently wait for a peaceful outworking of “differences.”  We […]

Let the Trump Sound Forth

20 Jan., 2017 Gary Brock gave the nation a good exhortation regarding the Leftist’s anti-Trump divisive animus. He said, “I hope the level of unreasonable divisiveness and anger will end soon; for the sake of our country and our people” (WNJ, 20 Jan., 2017). In the same Journal issue the “Our View” editorial, “Trump: A […]

America’s Worst President

20 December 2016 Terence J. Hughes, Professor Emeritus, University of Maine 404 North Sixth Street, Fort Pierre, South Dakota In one month from today, on 20 January 2017, Donald Trump is in and Barack Obama is out as President of the United States. Books will be written for a century and more assessing the Obama […]

You Don’t Want Portman Watching Your Back

10 Nov., 2016 You Don’t Want Portman Watching Your Back . . .Unless You’re Pretty Hard Up After Jesus, my next favorite candidate for the 2016 Presidential race would have been Ben Carson. These failing, I was left with Mr. Trump.  But I like him a ton more than Hitlery.  And the Lord knows I […]

There is Not Enough Hate in the World

21 October, 2016 “Love, love, love” crooned those Beatles back in the 60s.  And so it is, in the “Land of the Free” lovers.  It is all about “love,” especially sex.  We tolerate it pouring into our homes through a little box that we turn on.  We see all kinds of “love.”  And then we […]

The Communist or the Mormon?

The Communist or the Mormon? 4 November, 2012 We are bidden in this life to do what is right. The choice is often not easily discernable along a line separating right from wrong. We must clean up our spectacles and squint hard at the words and deeds which define the candidates before us. When all […]

Presidential Election Anno 2000

CACN, July, 1996 Presidential Election Anno 2000 Surmisedly, one of God’s purposes in allowing sin to run its course is to manifest the futility and folly of life apart from His Laws. The present American social stage handily serves that purpose. It makes great comical as well as tragic theater. In that 1992 Presidential election […]

Buchanan and Pratt

20 February, 1996 Dear Op-ed Editor, A piece regarding the recent attacks on Buchanan and Pratt of Gun Owners of America with reference to a 15 Feb. release from GOA: “Pratt Answers False Attacks” The shunning of Pat Buchanan, the outsider, is to be expected from insiders. The GOP political establishment shudders to think that […]

Not So Orthodox

September, 2000 Not So Orthodox The Veep’s choice, Senator Lieberman, is hailed as an “Orthodox Jew.” He conscientiously keeps the Sabbath evidenced by his abstention from the use of cars and lights from Friday night to Saturday night. High also on his resume is his expressed indignation over the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Lieberman rebuked the Great […]

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