Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The KKK and the DNC

The difference between the two is that the KKK did not advocate or tolerated the murder of those they deemed to be sub-humans (or lesser humans), but only their enslavement.  The DNC, on the other hand, defends, as a right (not the enslavement, but) the freedom to butcher another person.  Of course the persons of which we speak have had their humanity stripped from them by a whimsical SCOTUS decree and submission thereto by cowering states and the whole drunken nation. 

It is a people mesmerized by the majesty of The Court and its “opinions” handed down as from Mt. Sinai. 

In recognition of the nefarious character of the DNC as that which is a more despicable institution that the Klan ever was, why have churches not heralded this truth and acted upon it as a matter of true holiness and disciplined its erring members?  Any member of a holy church who adheres to the blasphemies of the DNC or maintains membership in the party ought to be charged with the sin of heresy and cooperation with an evil institution – indeed,  one worse than slavery (especially decrepit as it was – a system borne from the capital crime of manstealing).  Again, a member of the DNC is no less despicable than a member of the KKK or the Nazi party of Germany.  Think on it.

Murder is yet a higher crime than manstealing, though both be capital crimes.  Murder, we may aver, is to be punished with the death penalty.  Stealing requires manifold repayment.  Murder (abortion) is worse than manstealing and slavery.

Churches must take stock of one another and each of its own members, and those which remain in the darkness in support of “abortion rights” ought to be shunned no less than would be racists or Nazis. Church members, who affiliate with the DNC ought to be charged with gross heresy, instructed and called to repentance, and, of course, upon failure to heed discipline – excommunicated.

So begins a national revival.

17 January., 2022

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