Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


The True God

Who is the true God? The god of the Witnesses? The gods of the Mormons? The god of the Wiervillains? The god of the Son-rejecting Jews? The god of Law-rejecting Democrats? The Lawless god of compromising Conservatives? No.  The true God is the Triune One: The Father, Spirit, and Son; The giver of the Law […]

Set Yourself Free

(From That Heresy!) God (Who is Love) existed eternally. There was Subject, Object, and Witness From the beginning of  creation Before a single angel was made. That love flowed between the ThreeContrary to what a Mormon, Witness,Or Wiervillain would decree.If you would truly set yourself free,Abandon your blasphemous heresy.Declare Him for Who He is!And honor […]

He is God

(Callin’ all Heretics!) One with the Father and the Spirit, Forever they existed – the One God. For an eternity before one angel was made, God, Himself – the Son – was around.Sent by God, the Father, and God,The Spirit, He came way down hereTo suffer human rejection and smear.He is worthy of all praise […]

On Being “Positive”

Eight of the Ten Commandments are negative. So is it good to be strive to be “positive”? Well, certainly, we have the highest of hopesAnd have reason to have a positive outlookFor all who repent and embrace Salvation.So, depending upon the situation we address,Whether it is holy living or some malicious mess,We may go either […]

Nature and Function

(Another Trinity Meditation) A colonel may be subordinate to a general,But he is no less an officer;He is no less a soldier;He is no less a servant of his country;He is no less a human.So, the Son and Spirit areSubordinate to the FatherBut the two are no less divine;Indeed, they lived together, eternally, in harmony;Love […]

On Halloween Festivities

The heathen will despoil anything sacred, But that doesn’t mean we withdraw or give in! We take back and restore those holy daysAnd we teach the people what they mean!We explain the Gospel and teach the Word.Run and hide away? That’s absurd!There are times to withdrawAnd avoid the Devil’s maw,And there are times to take […]

Freedom and Wisdom

“Freedom!” fools used to say. “If you don’t want a slave, Don’t have one! We can do what we want!Don’t tell us what to do!”So said those poor foolsWho supported the rightTo capture another personAnd compel him to serveAs a slave of another human.“We have the rightTo have our own slaves!”And so say those who […]

Only Love?

(Another meditation on the matter) “There’s only LO-O-O-O-VEIn the heart of God”Croons the radio singer.Song-writer needs to readThe Word again and comprehendThe fact that God HATESEvil, as is repeatedly statedIn His word, so that even those slatedWith a shortage of Biblical truthNeed not be conned or spoofedBy such nonsense heresy. 21 Oct., 2023

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