Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Paul Hill

(In Remembrance) On 8 August, 2022 The likes of Beseda, Brockhoeft, and BrayTorched abortuaries like hay Then came Paul, who said, “No way! Blow the baby-butchers away!” Bless the soul of Paul: Ya know he gave it all; Shot that abortionist dead, Right in his blasphemous head; No more violent than our soldiers at war, […]

The Triune God: a Brief Explication

            (The simple necessity for the Trinity from the standpoint of man’s salvation explained plainly for the common man and scholastic gloaters.)   God, being love and existing eternally, must necessarily exist in two persons.  There must be at least one subject of love and one object of love. The Son, in order to save […]

Justice and Mercy at Once

Love existed eternally in the past. Love – the Father, Son, and Spirit – Needed nothing else to love. He is love itself and ruled all above And below and everywhere to know, And there was no where one might go To escape His gaze or presence. This One made the world and man And […]

A Healthy Termination

(That Musical Sound) Whenever an abortionist is terminated And sin from the people is segregated, Rejoice in the triumph of justice, The victory of truth among us! When the blood of the innocents is spared By that musical sound of the bard Playing on the trigger of a gun Sending those murderers on the run, […]

A Friendship

A friendship takes a minimum of two; A fellowship, perhaps, at least three. So it is with the holy Trinity. From eternity they knew each other The three in love all together. ‘Twas a long time before the world And finally bringing man on the scene. The eternal God of the universe lives As He […]

Iesous, Xristos, Theos, Uios, Soter

Iesous, Xristos, Theos, Uios, Soter The fish we see there And here and everywhere, The sign that Christians passed around Without uttering the slightest sound. Security was the cause of the symbol Whether in earnest or on a stroll Providing fellowship for the saints Enduring pagan neighbor complaints. The word they spoke was “ichthus” The […]

Songs to Allah?

Who composes songs to Allah? What a savior worthy of awe? Now, he’s got some good laws, But nothing’ to escape death’s jaws. Nobody but Jesus saves from death; Got to call Him before your last breath. You need the One who died and rose For whom songs the saints compose. No one else came […]

Nazi Pro-aborts

If pro-aborts are the equivalent of Nazi Holocaust supporters Why are they treated with such respectful toleration? What expectation can we have with such tacit approval Of their wicked doctrine and disgusting death wishes Upon every child unwanted in the womb of women In trial or torment, frustration or inconvenience? How is it that we […]

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