Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill



How free? Are you free to save babies?   Or does SCOTUS BS prevent you from carrying out that simple, basic duty?  Are you ruled by the “opinions” of men in black robes who fancy themselves tyrannical proclaimers of decrees?  Do you make their dreams real by you base submission? Why remain in bondage stupid, wicked […]


Oh, it’s a wonderful sound! An abortuary burnin’ to the ground. No longer is that “facility” “Oh, what a pity!” Say some folks quite sick (Unable to make a good pick Between Right and what is wrong; Confused, perhaps smokin’ that bong, Or blinded by that devil himself, Who would wife out the image Found […]

The Catholicity of The Trinitarian Churches

Catholicity Is a Feature of THE Church Universal (and the Churches or Parishes). The Roman church (popularly called the Roman Catholic Church) is not catholic.  Its membership is restricted to those who submit to the rule of the Roman Bishop (a.k.a. the “pope”).   He presides only over all “churches” (“parishes,” rather) which submit to his […]

Purposes for Evil

2 Chron. 18:22 Yes, the Lord has purposes for evil! The world is not out of control; He knows what He’s doing up there! You think He sits around without a care? He said, “You are to entice him and prevail.” (21) Talkin’ ’bout Micaiah and Jehoshaphat. What else can we say about that? Don’t […]

My “Dish-sprinkler”

Indeed, if the term didn’t suggest a prejudice against paedobaptism, I would rename, with due derision, my dishwasher – calling it my “dish sprinkler”;  it rarely gets all the dishes clean.  I must always rub off this or that “besmirchment” in the wake of its failure.  Ah, but such are the travails of modern, civilized […]

Ah, The Old Time Encounters With Pro-abort Reporters

Tamara Jones reported in an article titled “The Children’s Crusade” in the Washington Post way back in 1999 on some comments from the perverse perspective of pro-abort Vicki Saporta as follows: She remembers seeing Michael Bray and his teenage son on the evening news last year responding to the bombing of a Birmingham clinic that […]

Come, Romanist Brethren!

                                                                                                            16 Oct., 2021 Dear Brethren of the Romanist fold, How do you tolerate Biden? How do you remain in fellowship with him, tolerating him as a member of your alleged “body of Christ”? When will you rise up and revolt against those authorities in your “Church” which has permitted this ongoing blasphemy?  Truly this […]

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