Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Hobbling About

Hobbling about the house Rather shiftless Thinking about whom To put on my shit list Someone to blame My condition so lame Upon What inklings to tame Got no virus or runs Quite free of bad health But away goes the wealth Of a land ignorant Of that stealth The Almighty can bring To those […]

Creation, Thane!

When the Lord made The heavens and the earth He didn’t tell Thane Maynard how He did it.No. He told His prophets dear Who told us all about the birth Of the One who would come And lay it all down For all of us clowns. And so we thank Him For all of our […]

Over Population?

Over population? Huh! Not as long as there is sin, God and judgment! No problem Corona gonna take care Of the “problem”! We buy and sell After we plant and grow And go And we forget Who it was Who made the earth The rain And the sunshine 21 March, 2020


Vesicants there are Worse than the virus.O plagues there are many Come and gone. Like sins rampant They overwhelm a nation A people underwhelmed By their sin. O come in To their hearts And to rulers, Lord of all, The giver of Law. May they turn Lest they burn. Be done with the fun. Worship […]

The Virus

16 March, 2020 It is a plague, overdue.  Together with  “Yahweh worshipers” or “Jesus freaks” or Orthodox or  traditional Catholics or conservative Christians who are properly indignant over the national sins of abortion and sodomy and the general flouting of God and His Word, we say a hearty “Amen!” O modern man, who thinks he […]

The Salvation Message Via Dialogue (for the simple)

3 Oct., 2016 Is it possible to go to the moon?             Yeah. Why?              Because it has been done. Can YOU get there?             Not without a lot of money. But it is possible?             Right. Is it possible to rise from the dead?             Uh.  Yes. Why?             Because somebody did it. Can […]

The Plague

15 March, 2020 at 1235 Who will explainThe Corona plagueTo the people?Who will call itFor what it is?A Judgment.The Almighty is doneWith all your fun,Your foolish fornication.A land once strongSings a new songOf sorrow and lamentation.

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