Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


God, Eternally Existing

God, eternally existing In need of NO company! Tough to imagine such a thing, When we see people come and go: Old friends, new friends, All things changing. But One does remain the same!Got that family and an old house Familiar places and people around, And yet there comes an end to all And we […]

Top Three American Heretics

The three 20th and 21st century heretical American groups which come immediately to mind are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons (a.k.a. Latter Day Saints) and Wierville’s Wayists. All three are avid deniers of the Trinity –  the fundamental Christian doctrine of God as revealed in Scripture: One God in three persons – Father, Son, and […]

Sound Christian Theology

Although ecclesiastical pluralists Calling for a rule by elders, We are not a pluralists regarding deity! There is only one God, though A plurality of persons called the Trinity. Such matters are basic to the Confession We make in creeds: Apostles and Nicene. So, the teachings of Mormons, the Way And the Jehovah’s Witnesses Must […]

Ignorant, Stupid, or a Liar

(Yet a third meditation in as many days) That is the assessment that must be made of one who does not believe and follow the truth.  A person who is not obeying the truth and communing with God’s people who gather with others (a church) and worship the Triune God is ignorant, stupid, or a […]

The Son of God

(Yet another meditation) Not a “son” as one created. Not a “son” as one inferior, stupid, or foolish – as a young child. Rather, a son as on of the same nature, dignity, and lineage as his father.  A son who is loyal and faithful and loves his kinsmen and does all things right and […]

Bow Down and Obey!

It is the Triune God to whom you must bow No matter your confusion about how He lived Merrily for an eternity before creating the universe! That is what eternality is all about!  A God thing.He – the Three- needed no one!  Not even the angels. They were created sometime back – before “the day” […]

The True Triune God

The true God, who existed for an eternity before making anything – including angels – existed alone, completely content, complete, self-contained, dependant upon nothing. If you are calling upon another god other than the Triune God (of the Scriptures), you are an (unwilling, perhaps) idolater – indeed, calling upon a false god. You may be […]

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