Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Christ Mass?

We generally associate a “Mass” with the death of Christ for our sins by which we are given life.   But in Christmas we are not directly in celebration of a special Eucharist or “Mass.” We are celebrating the incarnation of God.  We are celebrating the long-awaited arrival (preceding His death for our sins and His resurrection […]

National Civility

The essence of civility is the condition where the affirmation of good and denunciation of evil is carried out in public.  Justice is not a private matter, but one which is acknowledged in law and visible to the public. In the cases of sodomy and abortion, we, as a nation, no longer denounce the murder […]

The Unity of Muslims and Jews

Muslims and Jews have unity in Christlessness Sharing that common ground in darkness! Unite, then, now, as you’ll be together Forever in the place down under. Might as well get used to that company That you will share together below Since that Savior you refused to know. Oh, but don’t trust in the bonds of […]

What Matters

What you think, What I think, What you feel, What I feel Really doesn’t matter. What matters is The FACT Of the resurrection Of Jesus. 15 November, 2022

Pain is Comin’!

Pain is comin’! Believe that for real; Gonna be worse than that election steal! All those sins put out on display And you’ll have nothin’ to say. “Guilty as charged!” you’ll have to agree And get cast into that endless sea Where all are left to drown in guilt, Unwashed by the blood for you […]

Internet Research?

Or good old fashioned hard-back (or lesser-grade, soft-back) commentaries!?! You must no more than imagine what you’ll find when you do a search for “swift booty” per Isaiah 8:1!  What did you find on the internet?  A bunch o’ butts! Invest in some good, old-fashioned, hard-back commentaries.  Forget this newfangled internet search thing!  Getchu some […]

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