Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


What To Do?

What to do when You’re through with school Go on a picnic? Bomb a clinic? What to do with your life? Oh there is strife With all the sin Slackers suckin’ on gin, But you have a rule A trustworthy tool, That word from above It’s all about love And the Truth sent down A […]

Strong, Prepared and faithful

Semper Vigilans Fortis Semper  Paratus et FidelisAnd semper my temper Calls me to do what’s right, Not what I please, To be strong, prepared and faithful, Keeping my hands on the handle. God’s Word that guides my life Keeps me with child and wife So anything I do Goes first through You, The Boss of all the world, Which […]

Shallot Noodle Kugel?

Look, I know you Jews are pissed When Christmas you have missed. Hanukkah may be nice (You want turkey or rice?) And Gentiles all the while Look at Christmas with a smile Lots of toys for girls and boys (Spending money!  Crazy goys!)Wine and Bread do fill the soul Better than anything in the bowl. […]

Democrats Are Blind

Democrats are blindAnd quite behindIn their thinkingOf what is true.And we do rueThe depth of our fallSwallowing allThe buffoonery of LawlessLife without God.What a fraud‘Tis by those who insistThat the world justHappened to be,Never createdBut somehow slatedTo hold such orderAnd wonder brought aboutBy some evolving cellSent from hell? O well!Wherefrom  then did we start?Some celestial […]

The Rising of Jesus

Was the rising of Jesus fact or fable? Who was that baby in that stable? Just a boy from a farm Who could do no harm Or God from above Full of mercy and love? Why was he coming and where to go? Without the prophets who could know? We had that trust problem called […]


My NARAList neighbor Does labor to maintain His pro-abort tenets Opposite the regular reminder By his proximity with Brays That there are simply ways That are right and those wrong So as one moves through the throng Of humanity with fractured sanity The failure to discriminate Between what is right to hate And what is […]

Tom Condit

We have been out of touchWith a man who did muchFor us some time agoWhen we were in the throesOf oppression by Planned Parenthood,Those beasts who haunt neighborhoodsWith their provisions of abortionFilling fools with hope in the notionThat there is freedom to be foundPutting the “problem” in the ground.He came on the scene when our […]

The 1620 Project

Back at cha BLM commies!  How about an Abortuary Bombing Mission?  Call it the ABM Project.  Justice! Justice for the unborn!  Save those babies by any means necessary. So the commandment reads: “Justice! Justice you shall pursue that you may live!” (Deuteronomy 16:20).  You BLM perverts want to live?  Then pursue justice for the innocent […]

We Are Not Living in Peaceful Times

You may recall, “prolifers,” that there has been a war carried on against children in the womb for 50 YEARS!  And we have been damned pacifistic about it. Just fact, folks. So when someone is campaigning on a ticket of “maintaining peace” and “keeping us out of wars” we are talking about some disoriented, selfish, […]

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