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Author of A Time To Kill


Peace Corp Monica

11 Oct., 2019 Peace Corp Monica Re: https://www.lifenews.com/2019/10/10/new-planned-parenthood-global-director-admits-our-main-job-is-to-attack-president-trump/ Well, well, well, Monica Kerrigan, the Peace Corp hero, learned from that lefty organization, one can presume, how one ought to regard humanity (just another animal type)  and what a drag people are to the planet.  Those humanoids do populate and pollute.  Got to reduce their numbers!  […]

A Message of Thanks for the Hell-bound

9 October, 2019 God uses all of His creation for His purposes.  Among humans He has some “vessels of wrath” and others whom He has redeemed as is saving from the wrath to come.  We focus our minds generally upon our Savior and occupy ourselves regularly with organized gatherings in which we thank Him corporately […]

National Review Going Ethically Crazy

5 Sept., 2019 Robert Verbruggen, writing for the “conservative” National Review, vies for approval and toleration of sodomy (Sept. 3, 2019, “Death of the ‘Gay Gene’”; see https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/09/death-of-the-gay-gene/).  Since he finds persuasive evidence of  this “orientation” to be genetic, sodomy must therefore merit approval and toleration.   What is “natural” is good and must be permitted […]

A Song of Imprecation from those Faithful Presbyterians

16 August, 2019 The Orthodox Presbyterians published their Trinity Hymnal in 1961,  the 25th year anniversary of their existence as a denomination.  They distinguished themselves, like Missouri Synod Lutherans and the Conservative Baptist Association and other mainline denomination groups from the apostasy of “modernists” who abandoned the historic, orthodox, and creedal view of the Scriptures; […]

Augustine and Worldly Scientists

22 July, 2019 From the following source, the wisdom of Augustine is cited here regarding the origin of the world and its age.  (Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, “The Works of Augustine,” vol. 3, chap. 9, “Enchiridion,” p. 239): When, then, the question is asked what we are to believe in matters of religion, it is […]


22 July, 2019 It is defined in my lexicon (Liddell and Scott) as follows: “The Egyptian papyrus the root and triangular stalk of which were eaten by the poor.” The definition is credited to Herodotus. And how appropriate that this be the root word for the Bible. That book which is the Word of God […]

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