Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

October, 2019

Bastards and Sons of Bitches

16 Oct., 2019 Dear prisoners, You are altogether sons of bitches.  Singularly you are, each one, a son of a bitch.    (Here is the word defined: “a malicious, unpleasant, selfish woman” or “a thoroughly disliked person.”)  Each of you has a mother who is a descendant of Adam.  You are his descendants, born into sin.  […]

Our Sickening Civility

14 Oct., 2019 Our polite civility with which we proudly encounter our pagan, baby-killing, racist (discriminating against a class of humanity residing in wombs throughout the land) fellow citizens must be disgusting.  A stench in the nostrils of a holy God. How neighborly and friendly we are to those who persist in their support and […]

Peace Corp Monica

11 Oct., 2019 Peace Corp Monica Re: https://www.lifenews.com/2019/10/10/new-planned-parenthood-global-director-admits-our-main-job-is-to-attack-president-trump/ Well, well, well, Monica Kerrigan, the Peace Corp hero, learned from that lefty organization, one can presume, how one ought to regard humanity (just another animal type)  and what a drag people are to the planet.  Those humanoids do populate and pollute.  Got to reduce their numbers!  […]

A Message of Thanks for the Hell-bound

9 October, 2019 God uses all of His creation for His purposes.  Among humans He has some “vessels of wrath” and others whom He has redeemed as is saving from the wrath to come.  We focus our minds generally upon our Savior and occupy ourselves regularly with organized gatherings in which we thank Him corporately […]

A Disciple of Cortez. Why not?

Woman Urging People to “Eat Babies” Was a Troll, But AOC Never Condemned the Idea Why must we be inconvenienced by the stupid thinking of this barbarian – Ocasio-Cortez – who can’t abide the two-become-one-and-assume-the-name-of-the-man tradition known as marriage?  Give us a real pagan-conquering Cortez! Not this phony CORTEZ. Indeed, such goofy rejection of the […]