Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Bastards and Sons of Bitches

16 Oct., 2019

Dear prisoners,

You are altogether sons of bitches.  Singularly you are, each one, a son of a bitch.   

(Here is the word defined: “a malicious, unpleasant, selfish woman” or “a thoroughly disliked person.”) 

Each of you has a mother who is a descendant of Adam.  You are his descendants, born into sin.  Yeah.  Sinners, all!  (The greatest of all tragedies.)  Indeed, we have all descended from that one sinner, Adam (and his wife, Eve) and are, accordingly, properly called “sons of a bitch” – a singular bitch, indeed, was she.  But each of you, of course, has a mother of his own. Many mothers are here represented so that you may properly be called sons of a bitches.  That is your glory as descendants of Adam.

You had no Father in heaven when you were born in your bastardly condition.   In sin, you had become a Son of the Devil.  But the Almighty sent you a Savior and adopted you in baptism. And when you turned to Him and called Him Abba (Daddy), you cried out for Him to rescue you.  And He did, in accordance with His promise.

As His own you are wealthy –  heirs of His kingdom and eternal life.  You live and reign with Him now and forever.

Is this really you?  Did He truly rescue you by His own blood?   If so, be what you are.  Reign and rule over your own contrary inclinations.  “Gird up your loins” as the saying goes.  Flea fornication and indulgence is sensory thrills.  He is the real sensation stimulant. Experience Him by the Spirit He has sent, Who lives and moves among His people, the Church.    

You were sons of bitches; you were born in sin.  But now, in Christ, you are born anew by His Spirit as his own new creation – you are truly sons of God. 

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