Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

December, 2023

A Woman’s Right to Choose!

If she will marry Which man to marry What job she might have For whom to vote Which policies to support Which policies to oppose Whom to rebukeWhom to praiseWhom to worshipHow to discipline her childrenWhat to prepare for dinnerWhen to go to sleepWhen to wake up (amount of time prior to mandatory awakening)(Hmm.  What […]

On the Retention of Biden as a Church Member

Forget about theological issues of papal supremacy or sanctification issues of liturgical order and Eucharistic cleansing which might be objected to be Protestants.  There is the basic problem of church discipline – a principle affirmed by all Churches!  Heretics must be corrected and, when found incorrigible, excommunicated. On this matter, the Roman Catholic Church has […]

Buck Up!  No Regrets!

Slaves needed liberty;Babies need air to breathe.Always challenges in a fallen worldWhere evil is nastily unfurled.Plenty of asses to be kicked,But no butts to be licked.Stand for the Truth – straight up;Might someone’s peace disrupt.(“Tough shit!” as some might say.Sometimes there’s no other way.)Action was needed for all;Takes, sometimes, some nasty gall.Deny the greedy to […]

Be “Positive and Encouraging”

Be “Positive and Encouraging” Toward those doing time in jailFor saving babies from that travailTo their bodies that “providers” suppliedJoining those who have lied,Calling the child of God a “tissue,”Treating the murder of children as an “issue.”Yes, we must recognize, acknowledge,And ever praise those jailedWho ought to have been hailed!Buck up, Christian radio and Church!Don’t […]

Why Devotion to the Church?

The primary purpose of the Christian Is the glory of God. The primary means of His glorification,Ordained by God, is the Church!So the edification of the Church isTop priority for the Christian.Strengthen the Church and, as a member,Do right! Seek justice.  Serve the weak.Don’t sit on your duff and praise HimFrom your chair or “commune” […]

Slandering Liar! (Joel Abrams)

https://theconversation.com/the-capitol-siege-recalls-past-acts-of-christian-nationalist-violence-153059 Joel Abrams says Paul Hill was a follower of “Christian Identity” (an anti-Trinitarian, heretical organization). Liar! Paul Hill was an orthodox, Trinity-worshiping Christian! He stood against those who slaughter womb-children and – as a man – defended them from decadent, murderous, “pro-choice” perverts.

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