Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

November, 2023

The True God

Who is the true God? The god of the Witnesses? The gods of the Mormons? The god of the Wiervillains? The god of the Son-rejecting Jews? The god of Law-rejecting Democrats? The Lawless god of compromising Conservatives? No.  The true God is the Triune One: The Father, Spirit, and Son; The giver of the Law […]

Set Yourself Free

(From That Heresy!) God (Who is Love) existed eternally. There was Subject, Object, and Witness From the beginning of  creation Before a single angel was made. That love flowed between the ThreeContrary to what a Mormon, Witness,Or Wiervillain would decree.If you would truly set yourself free,Abandon your blasphemous heresy.Declare Him for Who He is!And honor […]


They called the pre-born  “blobs of tissue!” A crass term as well as one sloppily unscientific; Just like they called the black man . . . “property!” It is the way of evil to deceive; pervert the truth.Lies and euphemism are favored tools Of those who would deceive many fools.Best not to suck up the […]

He is God

(Callin’ all Heretics!) One with the Father and the Spirit, Forever they existed – the One God. For an eternity before one angel was made, God, Himself – the Son – was around.Sent by God, the Father, and God,The Spirit, He came way down hereTo suffer human rejection and smear.He is worthy of all praise […]

On Being “Positive”

Eight of the Ten Commandments are negative. So is it good to be strive to be “positive”? Well, certainly, we have the highest of hopesAnd have reason to have a positive outlookFor all who repent and embrace Salvation.So, depending upon the situation we address,Whether it is holy living or some malicious mess,We may go either […]

What Is a “Provider”?

What is a “provider”? One man’s “provider” may be another man’s “abuser”!  (Or murderer!) A man who steals from a farm and gives the stolen goods to a poor “immigrant” (or invader), might be called a “provider” by some and a “thief” by others. So the sinister (and, indeed, demonic) use of the term to […]

Re-presentation of the Sin of Omission

We call it “tolerance.”  If our calling as Christians includes the doing good as well as the action of restraint from doing evil – i.e. “positive” as well as “negative” commands –  we may well sin when we fail to oppose evil. To tolerate evil is a sin just as it is a sin to […]

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