Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortionists and Terminations

Two Children, Maybe Three”

“Two children, maybe three” Sang those Temptations In conformity With birth control trolls, Those monitors of the earth Who frown upon birth When numbers exceed What they think the planet needs. But what will they say Facing the Creator on that Day In whose image they were made? What stocks and bonds will they trade? […]

A Grave Decision

The decision to terminate An unwanted abortionist Is a grave one, indeed!  Think of the wife of the murdererWho thought the man she married A doctor and not a butcher Of those babies and then surely Suffering from the trauma And discovering the truth And is in need of therapy And deliverance happilyFrom the mess […]

Morning Meditation

“Damn these Pro-abort, Baby-killing Bastards!” That is about as civil as it gets. Can’t say it any kinder.  Simple, direct questions: 1. What is the proper penalty for those who murder babies?  2. What is justice for those who advocate or even tolerate baby butchery? 3. How is it that we go on and on […]

The 1620 Project

Back at cha BLM commies!  How about an Abortuary Bombing Mission?  Call it the ABM Project.  Justice! Justice for the unborn!  Save those babies by any means necessary. So the commandment reads: “Justice! Justice you shall pursue that you may live!” (Deuteronomy 16:20).  You BLM perverts want to live?  Then pursue justice for the innocent […]

Prayer for ANTIFA

O Lord, save those ANTIFA jackasses.  Move upon their hearts!  Redirect their energies!  Use them for Your glory.  There are babies out there that need salvation.  There are abortuaries across the land that need to be “addressed.”  Convert their lost souls and re-direct their zeal; use their talents.  O Lord, You did bless them with […]

We Are Not Living in Peaceful Times

You may recall, “prolifers,” that there has been a war carried on against children in the womb for 50 YEARS!  And we have been damned pacifistic about it. Just fact, folks. So when someone is campaigning on a ticket of “maintaining peace” and “keeping us out of wars” we are talking about some disoriented, selfish, […]

Blowing an Abortuary

He who blows up and abortuary With or without his wife Does so without worry, pain or strife Over the question of whether he May save or injure a person. The issue is settled by the fact That the location where the Children are butchered Is no longer in tact. A simple truth forsooth. When […]

Old Hollywood Scandals That History Forgot

Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, And Judy Garland Had Studio-Pressured Abortions In old Hollywood, the studios controlled the lives of actors, and they strongly believed a bombshell couldn’t get married or, most especially, pregnant.  When Jean Harlow became pregnant during an affair with William Powell, the studio arranged for her to enter a hospital under a […]

On the Next Abortionist Extirpation

Are we ready when it happens?  When God raises up a martyr who gives his live to save others, are we ready to come to his defense and urge for his vindication?  Where do we stand on the issue of terminating unwanted abortionists?  Do we defend those who abort abortionists?  Do we uphold the right […]

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