Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortionists and Terminations

A Slice of the Joy

What to do about those babies dyin’? No standin’ aroun’ and cryin’! The likes of Beseda, Brockhoeft and Bray Say, “Hey, there ain’t no way!” When a “clinic bomber” goes to jail He’d rather be there than in hell (Not havin’ all that pain and steamin’; Plenty o’ heat and all that screamin’!) Time in […]

Liberty to Submit to Him

Yes, Messiah is imposed upon the Jews And the Muslims and liberals who snooze. In the name of religious freedom, All have the liberty to submit to Him, No matter the choice they voted Or to what false religion they’re devoted Their time talent and lives, Ignoring the Truth and swallowing lies. Dear husbands and […]

Paul Hill

(In Remembrance) On 8 August, 2022 The likes of Beseda, Brockhoeft, and BrayTorched abortuaries like hay Then came Paul, who said, “No way! Blow the baby-butchers away!” Bless the soul of Paul: Ya know he gave it all; Shot that abortionist dead, Right in his blasphemous head; No more violent than our soldiers at war, […]

A Healthy Termination

(That Musical Sound) Whenever an abortionist is terminated And sin from the people is segregated, Rejoice in the triumph of justice, The victory of truth among us! When the blood of the innocents is spared By that musical sound of the bard Playing on the trigger of a gun Sending those murderers on the run, […]

The Land is Bereft!

Oh, the land these days is bereft Of the sound of bullets left In the flesh of those butcherers Who slaughter those innocent infants! Let that bang again be heard Putting an end the absurd, Legalized murder of the helpless; Make a rope for them a necklace Who practice murder with liberty Bringing blood-guilt on […]

Beseda, Brockhoeft, and Bray

Beseda, Brockhoeft and Bray Blew those “clinics” away! At least that’s what the courts do say. Each enjoyed his own glorious day: Convicted, deeds brought to public light Testimonies to what is good and right. Saving babies by any means necessary Can sometimes bring on the “scary”: Police, judges, courts, and jail – None of […]

Something is Going On

https://www.lifenews.com/2022/06/13/abortion-activists-firebomb-another-pro-life-pregnancy-center-fourth-bombing-in-weeks/ We, the people of God, did not do what we could have done to shut down the abortuaries in this country.  Yes, as no other institution, we provided what were called “crisis pregnancy centers” – now “women’s centers” – or the like.  These alternative “choices” provided women with assistance in changing their minds about […]

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