Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortionists and Terminations

Support Women’s Rights!

I support women’s rights! Got nine daughters and want The very best for them! No opportunities denied; Go to any college and get Any job, marry any (good) man!But, of course, they got no rightTo do wrong – well duh!Is that really so difficult?How does someone put baby-murderIn the category of women’s rights?!?!?What’s up with […]

On “Knee-fighting”

“I’ll fight on my knees,” the song says. But prayer, like faith without works, Is was God calls “dead!” So, when you are done praying, arise! Put on your pants and open you eyes!Go to those who are in need: Victims, maybe, of another’s greed (Anybody killin’ babies in the ‘hood? Do your community some […]

Doing Time

I did time at FCI Ray Brook And at USNA, Annapolis. The latter was harder, But the former more glorious. Saving babies from abortion Was more satisfying than military service; Persons, not nations, are sacred. The people, not citizenship, live on And face the Lord and Judge;(From clasping the cross, do not budge!). It is […]

Good Moral Economics

The termination of an abortionist (by a random citizen) serves not only the defensive duty of all (and anyone) to protect innocent people from harm (viz., those babies he was plotting to kill), but it also serves the justice principle of bringing due punishment upon a transgressor;  a murderer is punished justly for his capital […]

Murdered By Medical Tools

Yes, the termination of an unwanted abortionist is a difficult achievement,What with misguided, rogue police turning a blind eye to those who die In those “health care facilities” where they slaughter babies, Treating those who butcher them like rabies, unwilling to lay a hand Upon those who ought from healthy society to be scorned and […]

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