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Abortionists and Terminations

The Mad Abortionist

19 Nov., 2017 Word spread of an abortionist gone mad.  The poor wretch felt threatened by the rhetoric of Christians who were calling his deeds “murderous” and himself a “murderer.”  Would he be targeted by vengeful Christian fanatics?  Might they not act upon the charge that he was truly killing babies?  This thought loomed increasingly […]

In Defense of Another: The Paul Hill Brief (posted Oct., 2017)

The brief attached at the link below, written by Michael Hirsh in 1995, was published by the Regent University Law Review. It provides the legal argument for the termination of an abortionist by one who is acting in defense of the innocents who are threatened by the actions of said abortionist. Hirsh brief

Paul Hill, the Unabomber, and . . . Thoreau?

Posted on 31 March , 2017 22 May, 1996 Dear Op-ed editor:  Oral arguments for Paul Hill’s mandatory  appeal of his conviction and death sentence will be delivered in the federal court house in Tallahassee on 31 May. Hill acted in defense of the innocent and ought to be acquitted. Paul Hill  terminated an unwanted […]

The Termination of Tiller (Brief Notes)

Michael Bray 29 October 2009 The killer of Tiller, Mike Hendricks opines (Kansas City Star, October 27, 2009), is a “common murderer.” Well which one is the real bad guy? The murderer or the killer of the murderer? The current tragedy in progress is the prosecution of him who rescued the children from the one […]

Some Ironies of 1997

Excerpted from Capitol Area Christian News, Fall, 1997 30,000 FANS VISIT PRESELEY’S GRAVE Is was the 20th anniversary of Elvis’s death on 16 August, 1977. Among those fans present at the candlelight vigil outside Graceland were Sheryl (41) and Libby (43) from Baton Rouge. They say a visit there helps them “bond with other Elvis […]

Killing Abortionists: A Symposium

Fifteen prolife heavy-weights weighed in on this symposium published by First Things in December, 1994. We provide the brief contribution of the good Princeton Professor here on the fair assumption that it is a chef-d’oeuvre in mockery of those who mindlessly condemn the rescue of the innocents in the name of violence. See the other […]

The Camden County Jail . . .

3 January, 2012 Michael Bray The New Jersey Camden County Jail . . . Has an inmate who does business out of a mailing address: 1 Alpha Avenue, Suite 27, Voorhees, NJ 08043. Advertising for his American Women Services at that address lists sites for the “service” of abortion in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia as […]

Abortionist Shortage

Here follows an excerpt from the “National News” section of the Spring, 1999 issue of Capitol Area Christian News.  It references the excellent work of Mark Crutcher and Life Dynamics in documenting the growing shortage of “abortion providers” (for which we cannot avoid thanking the “dead-abortionist providers.”)  The trend has not altered up to the […]

Rejoicing in the Death of the Wicked

The following was written in the midst of all and in response to the many loud voices decrying the termination of Tiller the Killer by Scott Roeder. 2 June 2009 Rejoicing in the Death of the Wicked Sometimes we would be nicer than Jesus. Rather than fume at the hypocrite teachers and leaders who mislead […]

The Popularity of Abortionist Terminators

9 August 2011 The following note to a writer with the Buffalo News was in response to an article he wrote which listed a number of activists who condemned the killing of Abortionist Bernard Slepian. It was sent by email on 21 Nov., 2002 to Lou Michel at the following address: lmichel@buffnews.com Hello Lou! Good […]

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