Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortionists and Terminations

Election Fraud and Revolution

One ought not use “election fraud” as a justification for revolution. That would be a relatively weak excuse. https://www.nationalreview.com/2022/01/seditious-conspiracy-is-the-wrong-charge-in-the-capitol-riot-prosecutions/ A revolution is a serious issue – lots of dead folks.  Got to have a good reason to call for such a price.  What is gained in return? In the American Revolution, it was voting rights (Wow.  […]


14 Jan., 2022 A prolife administration will establish a Bureau of Abortionist Terminators by which they will eliminate baby-butchers from the land.  It is not a hard thing to do: Executive order (political, based upon biological truth) declaring the humanity of children in the womb followed by police action by which they would close down […]

Conversations in Heaven

I am imagining heaven, sitting around with some angels talking with other humans about their exploits back in Earth Time.  It wouldn’t be bragging because we would be without sin; we would talk about our harrowing days in conflict with a sin-ridden world.  “Yeah, I died in Nam, serving my country,” one might say.  Then […]

Savin’ Babies Is A Breeze

Stop the flow of innocent blood;Re-criminalize abortion now.Lock the villains in prisons;Set the bombers and plotters free.Savin’ babies is a breeze;Light a match, easy as a sneeze.You greet those “docs” with rocksSo they’re runnin’ holes in their socksA flurry of legs on the runFearful they gonna get the gun.Stop the flow of innocent blood;Re-criminalize abortion […]

Shut Down the Faucets

Shut down the faucets of “reproductive rights”! Stop that flow of innocent blood. Got ourselves caught up in a nationwide flood; All gonna drown in this mess! Fool nations want to uphold “Toleration!” For what and from which comes doom Upon the heads of those who found no room For little ones in their hearts […]

Serving Your Country!

“Serving your country” can be a good deal If you’re doing it in America! Get a free education at Annapolis Or West Point or Colorado Springs. Yeah, they pay your way all day! What a deal for such noble service! Now, I didn’t mind Annapolis; Met some excellent men when I was there. And I […]


There is a great dearth of writings in support of Lethal Strategy of Defense (LSD) ministry for the protection  of the many womb children from the daily murders which occur in the USA and around the world.   (Let us simplify communication by employing the term LSD to represent the principles and phenomena.)  Lethal strategies of […]

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