Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

December, 2022

A Christian Must Go

The blood flows and flows through the bodyAnd it carries the energy needed to nourishAnd sustain arms, legs, and brainLest we go insane and fade awayBefore the break of another day.Ours is to look way past basic biologyAnd delve into that Biblical theology. A Christian must go whithersoever God leads him!Whitherward I went, to what […]

Derelict on Christmas Cards

Derelict we are at Christmas time;We just don’t send out cards! Haven’t for many-a year And sometimes think we may get a sneer: Those diligent, faithful card-senders Get nothin’ from us lazy bums! And we mean no offense; just a thing We don’t do this time of year. Seems we’re harried enough with all the […]

Answering the Question

How am I? Very thankful for my wits! Better to have half than none. (Some do lack for all); Others have senses of humor small. So on we must go through peril And ever must we herald The Coming already done And the One yet to come, When judgment falls upon earth For those with […]

Can We Not Abort Vermont From the Union?

https://www.lifenews.com/2022/12/13/vermont-creates-a-right-to-kill-babies-allows-abortions-up-to-birth/ So, the state has legalized baby-slaughtering UP TO BIRTH! Why do we want to be joined with such a pagan state?  Let them go!  We don’t need them.  Free them from any duty to or benefits from the nation!   (Or do they reflect the spirit of the nation?  And ought we who oppose child […]

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