Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

April, 2021

Bring on Trump and Stop that Killin’

Bring on Trump He’s our man He can do it If anybody can Kick those Dems out o’ D.C. Bring on the GOP Stop those baby killers And sodomy pushers Bring on the doers Need someone who can get’er done Not some punk slick talker Nor a whiner or a sulker Give us a leader […]

Woman, You Whine!

Woman, you whine ‘gainst me too much ‘Bout makes me in need of a crutch! O let me be to get on wid my day (Lord, help me!  Got to find a way!) Mercy, what shall I do? What say, brothers?  You got it, too? Dat woman a’ter you all da time? What ‘chu say?  […]

The Head of Ishbosheth

2 Sam. 4:8f Well, they cut off the head of Ishbosheth Said, they cut off the head o’ the wrong man! Brought that head to David and said, “Well, what do you think of this? Behold, the son of Saul, your enemy!” O this news was nothin’ but distress Those sons of Rimmon made a […]


She was mad! It was sad. Treatin’ him downright bad! She was lit, Couldn’t sit, Treated him like shit. Oh she had a fit! So I had to do right Yeah wid all mah might! Had to sit up straight Wad’n’t no debate! Done all ma’ chores Dat was on mah plate Had to work […]

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