Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


On Proper Emergency Political Procedure

What do you do when your House Is overcome by Democrats? Same thing you do when your house Is overcome with rats. You get rid of them or leave! How? Well since you can’t exterminate them, You exclude them from your House – and Senate. No Nazis!  No Democrats! You, surely, don’t allow them to […]

Truth or Limelight?

The harder the truth The softer the popularity Got to choose which to love And whom to serve. Truth or limelight Which will it be? Will you be free? Be forgiven now forever; Does not matter what your sin: Sodomite or parasite Maybe something deep within. There is much for you to do, Turning to […]

Bottles on the Bookcase

Those bottles sitting on a bookcase With a knife from Takur and Sunil, Refugees from the East Whom we met in Germany Looking for peace in the West Taken in by a fellow from the base. Col. Lembers had given them a place; He found them while they made the art Providing them shelter and […]

Nazi Pro-aborts

If pro-aborts are the equivalent of Nazi Holocaust supporters Why are they treated with such respectful toleration? What expectation can we have with such tacit approval Of their wicked doctrine and disgusting death wishes Upon every child unwanted in the womb of women In trial or torment, frustration or inconvenience? How is it that we […]

COVID and Assembly Forsaking

Give up that holy kiss; COVID rules, don’t ya know! The Church got to go on hold; Those gates of hell must prevail! The will of the virus be done; Forget the words of the Son!Hallowed be the name of the CDC; On the Word of God we’ll pee! 0915 on 25 April, 2022

Ukraine, Russia, US, and Secession Issues

All this rah, rah for Ukraine is curious.  What if Ohio does not want to abide under SCOTUS decrees (which cancel law and justice allow for the murder of babies in the womb)?  May we secede and have the support of those same people who support Russia?  (Ohio might start with a decree that frees […]

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