Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


On “Neutral” Polytheistic Public Schools

The sooner the public schools give up their “neutral,” polytheistic, multi-cultural, non-religious, anti-Christian bullshit and return to basic foundations of Christian/Biblical law and ethics, the better the nation will be.  And the more ripe it will be for Divine blessings.   So, let them bow before the one, true, triune God and be blessed. 11 Feb., […]

A High Speciosity Rating

Such must be granted to the Democratic party members who continue their alliance with the post-Roe, pro-abort citizens of the land.   How long will the party continue to court death today as it did slavery long ago – all in the name of “liberty” for the mother to kill her child and the “freedom” for […]

Property Leeches

They buy up houses or land and invest nothing in development, beautification, improvement – to the chagrin of the neighbors who must endure the disparaging condition of the degrading property.   They care, apparently, nothing for their neighbor’s property and their well-being, but seek only their own advancement in wealth.  ‘Tis really nothing new. Human depravity […]

Toleration of Evil and Then . . .?

Well, that evil which you tolerate soon spreads and takes over everything.  Think of that infection you might have in your body.  If you don’t treat it, it spreads and you get sick all over!  Imagine what happens when evil laws are allowed to stand.  Whether its racism which leads to discrimination, segregation, and slavery […]

Truth and War

Swords and Shields was war up close and personal: You see the eyes of a person as he diesUnder the blows of your sword; No distancing death from your view. You do what you got to do; It is either he or you. And now we think less grimly of war, Carried out at distances […]

Buck Up States!

Buck up states and enforce your laws! (Though you never should have bowed to the feds Would you bow to a Nazi decree? Then why to the feds did you bend the knee?) So now that Roe has been dumped Do some good before you get thumped By some twisted, new-fangled legislation Putting boldly into […]

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