Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


The Presence of  Glory

Folks don’t handle well the company Of  that person of glorious note. He’s attractive but discomfiting; His glory exposes deficiency. There is an awkwardness:A sense of failure, subordination;A feeling of wrongfulnessInspired by the presenceOf the high-level achiever.Yeah, such company is discomfiting,But it need not as such be so!We ALL fall short of HIS glory,Making ours […]

“Justice Shall You Do!”

(What is Justice?) The proper response to manstealers was not to run away from them:  to “secede.”  The proper response was to confront and STOP THE EVIL and free the slaves.  Stop the evil! The proper response to child slaughter is not make it safe and legal, but to outlaw it and punish murderers of […]

No Muffler?

We are all glad that you get a kickOut of the noise your engine can makeMuffler-less as you drive around town.But we don’t get the same kickAnd prefer that you curb your sickInterest in making noise for your ownJoy as you disturb us at home.Put your head phones on and play someRum-rum car engine noise […]

My Pillow!

O my pillows of old! Just get me one with some feathers! Don’t want all that fake puffy stuff; Just some feathers, that’s enough! You know those birds got a purpose; We pluck those feathers And put ’em in a bag; Yeah, all that work may be a drag, But a natural medicine for the […]

Freedom! (?!?!?)

What a stupid outcry when left undefined! Freedom for what! Freedom to sin?  Freedom to blaspheme?  Freedom to murder children in the womb? How about yelling “Restriction!”?  No murder, no blasphemy, no stealing! How about yelling “Restrain yourself!” from coveting, from lusting, from dereliction of duty! Rather: cheers for righteous freedom! How about freedom to […]

On “Neutral” Polytheistic Public Schools

The sooner the public schools give up their “neutral,” polytheistic, multi-cultural, non-religious, anti-Christian bullshit and return to basic foundations of Christian/Biblical law and ethics, the better the nation will be.  And the more ripe it will be for Divine blessings.   So, let them bow before the one, true, triune God and be blessed. 11 Feb., […]

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