Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Polytheistic Statism v. Christocracy

Democrats, Repent!

If you’re a Democrat, repent; You know you got a bad bent. No way to justify sodomy and abortion (Your mind has suffered some distortion). Yeah, they used to be an option;(Seems they swallowed some kind o’ concoction!)Return to the Word of God, the truth, Not a matter of some voting booth.He spoke it right […]

Higher Education Meditation

“Higher education” is really bullshit education which suffuses students with a materialist worldview having no comprehension of spirit, of God, of a Maker.  From the get-go, a student in such a system must be constantly indoctrinated with the presuppositions of the educators/propagandists: viz., the assumption that the world is eternally material and that there was […]

That “Choice” Thing

“Slavery” – a Southern man’s “choice” “Anti-Semitism” – A Hitlerian German’s “choice” “White Supremacy” – an evolutionary, naturalist racist’s “choice” “Abortion”  – any “liberated” woman’s “choice” “Same-sex Relationship” – old-fashioned sodomy all churched-up as a “choice” or “orientation” Truth and Justice – the choice of the Biblical/historic Christian 15 April, 2023

Murdered By Medical Tools

Yes, the termination of an unwanted abortionist is a difficult achievement,What with misguided, rogue police turning a blind eye to those who die In those “health care facilities” where they slaughter babies, Treating those who butcher them like rabies, unwilling to lay a hand Upon those who ought from healthy society to be scorned and […]

Thanksgiving for the Light!

Oh, the imagination of man When left to roam quite pagan! Think for moment of “suovetaurilia,” That peculiar practice of the Romans, Sacrificing a pig, a sheep and an ox! Yeah, the Greeks did the same thing And called it by the name of Trittya. Indeed, they knew they were in trouble: That universal awareness […]

Vouchers for Families Who Home School?

Why not?  A family takes on the expense of educating their children, relieving the state of the expense.  How about a voucher?  Or a tax deduction for those who opt to school their children privately? How about that “choice” thing that women’s libbers are always railing about?  Huh???? 27 March, 2023

Our (B.C.) Pagan Heritage

17 February, 2023 Our Pagan Heritage Our Lord came into a pagan, fallen world and has brought us light so we can walk straight on a path leading to life.  February has a meaning pointing most starkly to our Godless, pagan roots from which our Savior has cut us loose.   The name of the month […]

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