Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Polytheistic Statism v. Christocracy

Save the Nation!

Excrete Biden, abort the Court, honor the Law of God.  There really is no better way than God’s way as revealed in His commands, the Big Ten.  And the flagrant rejection of them exhibited in the decriminalization of sodomy and abortion is a glowing example of the disdain which our leadership has shown God and His […]

An “Opinion” Is Not Always To Be Respected

We have, in our culture, an undefined standard of toleration for “opinions.”  We use the word almost as a thing sacred, to be respected and deferred to whenever the invocation of the word is heard by disputants. When “Well, that is my opinion!” is asserted, we back off from any assertiveness, lest we be construed […]

Capitol “Riots” May Well Be Justified

Why is NR so defensive about he “Capitol Riots”? https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/07/january-6-was-not-a-coup/ When you have Godless, Nazi-like, Pro-aborts in power, such a drastic situation calls for drastic action, the least of which is a “capitol riot”!   Revolution is well justified in response to the Nazi-like tyranny of a SCOTUS which has decreed the evil of child-slaughter (a.k.a. […]

On Anarchy and General Disrespect of the Police

A convicted “clinic bomber,” arrested by police and jailed for 46 months and ten days, I have never held the police in disdain.  I believe they do their job as men who, deployed by higher authorities, must obey all LAWFUL commands.  And even when they, under the command of those in darkness and in ignorance […]

Ohio Need Not Drift

Ohio need not drift along Singing that D.C. song. The feds don’t know what’s best For the states and all the rest Of the world as it drifts away Following that old pagan way About liberty and independence From the Law of God. What nonsense! Downright stupid, we must declare, Turning your life into a […]

Kick Oregon Out of the Union!

The state is a disgrace!  In the name of freedom of speech they tolerate demonic anarchy!  Yeah!  And all proceeding from a cowering toleration of rioting punks who claim to be honoring a derelict chump named George Floyd!  The state leaders are wholly inept! Incompetent! Disloyal!  Failures!  Kick them out and let the rest of […]

The Disobedience of Depopulation

Depopulation –  like other things – happens.   The circumstances may be good or bad.  There are wars and diseases and personal reproductive restraints which are in play in the control of population or – we may say – the actual depopulation of the earth’s premier creature.  The duty of humans, that one “species” created uniquely […]

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