Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Polytheistic Statism v. Christocracy

Euphemistic Lies and Deceit

Slavery was trumpeted by those who advocated for it under the guise of “property rights” Child-slaughter by abortion was trumpeted by those who advocate for it under guise of“women’s rights.” When do we get past falling for such heresy (bullshit – for the common man) ?   Observe the truth and act accordingly! Oh, the stupidity […]

Declaration of Dependence

And are we so proud and patriotic to think that we are a nation independent of God?  We think we can abide with “freedom” without His justice? What kind of laws do we follow if not His?  Of what are we “independent”?  Are we without the need for the knowledge of what is truly “good” […]

“Justice Shall You Do!”

(What is Justice?) The proper response to manstealers was not to run away from them:  to “secede.”  The proper response was to confront and STOP THE EVIL and free the slaves.  Stop the evil! The proper response to child slaughter is not make it safe and legal, but to outlaw it and punish murderers of […]

Out of the Union!

Out of the Union! What do we stand for?  Liberty and justice?  For all? Why would you be UNITED with others who support and preserve the practice of child-slaughter?            Get out!  Be a state free from any support of any  states which tolerate such a holocaust. Buck up, states!  Separate!  Out of the union […]

On “Political Liberty”

One of the great down-sides of “political liberty” is the freedom to sin.  We decriminalize sodomy and abortion and permit people to sin freely.  The moral restraint, that just Law provides, is absent from such “free” societies.  And such “freedom,”  frees people from the benefits of God’s sovereign, just, and holy decrees. Real freedom comes […]

Politics and Humanity in Perspective

You believe in the Right to Life?  Hmm.  What do think, then, of Democrats? How are they any different from Nazis? Were Germans of eight decades ago any worse than today’s Democrats? We see, easily, the sins of others  – of past generations.  But we cannot see the sin in ourselves.  We don’t look into […]

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