Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Character – or not

Callin’ Out American Heretics

Whether you’re a Smithy Mormon,A Watchtower Witness,A Wierville Wayist,Or some other American heretic,Come, rather, to the Triune One.(Don’t “dis” the Father, Spirit or Son.)Said don’t dis the triune Maker;If not your Savior, He’s your Baker!Abandon foolish heresy;Come out of your dark misery.There is light and life in the Truth:Whether you’re old or in your youth.Come […]

A Nasty Crime Was Roe, Don’t Ya Know!

A nasty crime is abortion For which doctors are paid! Bray v. AlexandriaGave the middle fingerTo Roe v. Wade.What sick puppies to tolerateSuch anti-baby hate!So, you wonder at slavery tolerationWhile you  kill babies And call it liberationOf  women in the name of “choice”And give the baby no voice?!Onward to revivalOf a fallen people in the land(Yeah! […]

Murder and “Kill”

Abortion was a product Of the mindless “sex revolution.” What was the “revolution” about?The rejection of sexual integrity:The sanctity of human life as thatWhich is not an animal but a creatureCreated, uniquely, in the very image of God.Human beings have a standing unlikeAny other creation of the Almighty.Humans bear His “image” – likeness.How are humans […]

Bowie Wrestling Class of 2019

Bowie Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2019, Bringing back memories. Thanks for your work so grand! Got that medal hanging on my shelf.Like some curious elf,I look at it from my chairGiving it a smile with a stare.The sport sharpens the soul;Can’t blame some other fool.It’s the sport of the Book.Open it up and give […]

Support Women’s Rights!

I support women’s rights! Got nine daughters and want The very best for them! No opportunities denied; Go to any college and get Any job, marry any (good) man!But, of course, they got no rightTo do wrong – well duh!Is that really so difficult?How does someone put baby-murderIn the category of women’s rights?!?!?What’s up with […]

Bowie Class of 2019

Bowie Wrestling Hall of Fame. Thanks for the good work you do in commending wrestlers and advancing the sport! Press on in your good work. It is THE Biblical sport! (You know!) Pax tecum (20 Sept., 2023 after receiving a momento at a recent visit to Maryland)

Democrats, Repent!

If you’re a Democrat, repent; You know you got a bad bent. No way to justify sodomy and abortion (Your mind has suffered some distortion). Yeah, they used to be an option;(Seems they swallowed some kind o’ concoction!)Return to the Word of God, the truth, Not a matter of some voting booth.He spoke it right […]

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