Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Character – or not

No Ministry Do They Provide

No “ministry” do cults provideAnd you, from God, they divide.By heresy they lied,Deceived fools, and tookTheir listeners for a ride.The Triune One you must serveAnd from Him do not swerve.Whether a Smithy MormonOr a foolish young ‘ne,A Wierville Wayist,Or a Watchtower Witness,Come out o’ the darknessAnd follow the Son to eternity:The Second Person of the […]

The Presence of  Glory

Folks don’t handle well the company Of  that person of glorious note. He’s attractive but discomfiting; His glory exposes deficiency. There is an awkwardness:A sense of failure, subordination;A feeling of wrongfulnessInspired by the presenceOf the high-level achiever.Yeah, such company is discomfiting,But it need not as such be so!We ALL fall short of HIS glory,Making ours […]

On Tearing Up Temples

Remember when Jesus tore up the Temple? It is that same spirit that tears up an abortuary: A hatred for blasphemous, murderous evil. Got to do what you got to do!And sometimes it ain’t pretty to peaceful people.Some folks can’t stand any waves;Got to have those smooth, peaceful lakes.But the wind of justice does blowThe […]

Tolerated, Outlawed, and (finally) Shunned

            Abortion will follow the same course as slavery.              Mankind, sin-ridden as it is, falls into stupid, ridiculous, and (yes) wicked habits.  It is a feature of humanity since the disobedient eating of that fruit (Gen. 3:6).             For many years, humanity was caught up in the sin of slavery.  A condition one might […]

Grammar Police Notice

“I will never not call an employee by their name” said Amy on the Carlos and Amy Show this morning (HOPE 100 on 29 Feb., 2024, cir. 9:15  a.m.). It is a common grammatical error to reference a person (employee, in this case) – singular – with the plural pronoun, “they.” Somehow “they” – the […]

Dear Romanist brethren,

Are you protesting this apostate Pope?  You do know that he blesses sodomite “marriages.”  Right?  So, what keeps you from abandoning such heresy?  And body of people, any organization, which approves heresy (perversion, apostasy, etc.) is to be abandoned. Why haven’t others in authority removed the heretic?  Are they in agreement?  Or without the gonads […]

Smithy Mormon Or  .  . .

Smithy Mormon Or  .  . .You might be a Smithy Mormon,Or some Wierville Wayist.But come to the TruthAnd find the best!He is the One Whom you can trustAnd beat that final bustWhere all your false teachingIs exposed and you’re left nakedWith no one to come to your side!There you will be, anything but free,In need […]

How You Doin’?

“How you doin’?” a fellow might say As  I’m walkin’ in the light of day. “Doin’ right (actually quite) well, Good health and escaped from hell! Can’t ask for much more or complainNo matter the troubles or pain.”Yeah, there is much to be thankful for.Just a quick look around; open the door!Take a peak at […]

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