Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Character – or not

Pain is Comin’!

Pain is comin’! Believe that for real; Gonna be worse than that election steal! All those sins put out on display And you’ll have nothin’ to say. “Guilty as charged!” you’ll have to agree And get cast into that endless sea Where all are left to drown in guilt, Unwashed by the blood for you […]

Receive That Child!

Call her a niggard, call her a churl.Call her a selfish girl!But who abandoned herAnd left her aloneTo care for the one in her womb?Where was the punk who jumpedThe ship and left her to fend for herself?What kind of chump would leave her aloneTo carry that child without a home?Let punky boys grow upYeah, […]

Vote!  Or . . .

Vote with your hands, feet, gas, and matches; It’s the fast way to save those babies; Most effective and refreshing too. It shows there’s a way to get ‘er done When others want to sit on their thumbs. Take a load off your mind and get out o’ that bind. You don’t need to just […]

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