Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Letter to Elders re Prison Ministry

[Nov., 2016] Notice: Termination of Prison Ministry I have determined to abandon the prison ministry here in Wilmington in order to pursue necessary support for my family.  I am hoping to find a replacement minister(s) to continue the mission and will made efforts to that end in the next three months.   (My last prison visit […]

Been 50 Years

Been 50 years since I Left that Academy, And ’twas good to see Tom A fellow plebe back in the day. We had plenty to say, Thinking about what was then And what is now and when All is past what will last. A swimmer, a wrestler, and a player Of the game on the […]

Letter to McDonalds regarding their advancement of Sodomy

A few days ago McDonald’s Restaurants were reported upon regarding their flying of the rainbow flag (used nationwide in the past decades as a symbol of sodomite solidarity).  I sent the following letter and another to the corporate office in Columbus: Michael Bray 308 High St. Wilmington, OH 45177 http://michaelbray.org/ 20 June, 2017 Management McDonalds […]

Letter to my state representative

Michael Bray, M.A. (S.C.M.U.S.N.A.H.O.W.F.E.P.T.A.A.F.A.P.C.P.M.)* 30 June, 2016 The Honorable Steve Stivers 211 S. 5th St. Columbus, OH 43215 Re: sodomite “marriage” Dear Sir, What are titles all about? And when do men respect them and when not?  Who are these men (or whatever) in robes? Is SCOTUS the King?  Is the Congress just a pack of lap […]

“A Time to Kill” (prior to suppression by the feds)

Michael Bray 2927 Tarragon Lane Bowie, MD 20715 301-262-0145 20 December, 1995 Merry Christmas Sherry, Dawn, Cathy, Andrew, and Paul [Editors and publishers of Life Advocate magazine and A Time to Kill.] We continue to thank God for your good work. You are a blessing to the Kingdom of God more than I believe you […]