Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Letter to my state representative

Michael Bray, M.A. (S.C.M.U.S.N.A.H.O.W.F.E.P.T.A.A.F.A.P.C.P.M.)* 30 June, 2016 The Honorable Steve Stivers 211 S. 5th St. Columbus, OH 43215 Re: sodomite “marriage” Dear Sir, What are titles all about? And when do men respect them and when not?  Who are these men (or whatever) in robes? Is SCOTUS the King?  Is the Congress just a pack of lap […]

“A Time to Kill” (prior to suppression by the feds)

Michael Bray 2927 Tarragon Lane Bowie, MD 20715 301-262-0145 20 December, 1995 Merry Christmas Sherry, Dawn, Cathy, Andrew, and Paul [Editors and publishers of Life Advocate magazine and A Time to Kill.] We continue to thank God for your good work. You are a blessing to the Kingdom of God more than I believe you […]