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Author of A Time To Kill


National Anti-abortion Vigilante Commission

28 Sept. 2020 The year when the NAAVC was informally established is unknown (or, at least, undisclosed).  But it is alive and growing in numbers.  The organization is approved and led by the One and Only Holy Spirit of God.  (We are talking about THE Triune God, here!)  The Commission was necessarily formed in the […]


You first heard it here.  “Why, I’m cesarbeching, dear!” It is my answer to my wife when she asks, as she does each day upon returning and finding me peacefully relaxing or busily tapping at my ‘puter:  “What did you do all day?” I answer, “The usual cesarbech of course.”   To which you (the […]

A Taxing Question

13 Dec., 2019 Tax the People to Find an AIDS Cure?“Let a bugger bear the burden For his own bad behavior”Say I Why ought the public be abusedBy the decadence of those deafTo the TruthPaying out more taxesWhen relief by repentance More certainly comes? That repentance is sparkedIndeed by painWithout which sometimesThere is no gain

Joshua Harris, the Apostate

It is no small thing – to abandon Christ.  Once one has come to a knowledge of the Truth – deliverance from sin and death by the precious work of the Messiah and His death for the sins of the whole world – and then turn and renounce this Truth, you are in grave danger. […]

Hitlery and Obama v. those “Easter Worshippers”

Dennis Prager in “Why Clinton and Obama Tweeted about ‘Easter Worshippers’” has caught Hitlery and the Obamanation together with their pants pulled down!  He provided the following in his article at https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/04/sri-lanka-bombings-anti-christian-terrorism/  where he says: Here are the tweets: Obama: “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. […]

Your Anti-Defamation League in action!

22 March, 2019 The Anti-Defamation League is attempting to attribute anti-Semitism to those holding  the anti-abortion doctrine!  Yeah! Slanderous wantons!  In an article titled  “Anti-Abortion Violence in America: The Stealth Terrorism,” the authors decry a “war being waged on the reproductive rights of women across the United States.”  (See it right here! http://live-adl-csc-national.pantheonsite.io/sites/default/files/documents/assets/pdf/combating-hate/Anti-Abortion-Violence-in-the-US-Stealth-Terrorism-web.pdf ) My oh […]

Lead on Cuomo!

31 January, 2019 Re https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/01/infanticide-craze-new-york-virginia-abortion-laws/ Kill all those inconvenient babies!  And how these pro-aborts unabashedly continue in their ravaging of women and babies as zealous  devotees giving honor to the anniversary of  Roe v. Wade “law” (22 January, 1973). May we treat Governors Cuomo, Northram and  a Democratic lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates, […]

Wilmington “Social Activist”

RE: “Christian Social Activist Speaks in Wilmington About Walls and People https://www.wnewsj.com/news/95063/christian-social-activist-speaks-in-wilmington-about-walls-and-people 28 Jan., 2019 Shane Claiborne calls for defiance, civil disobedience.  He appeals to the Scriptures as his authority (ostensibly), declaring the Law of God above the civil authorities.  Hmm.  I am familiar with the concept:  that law, true law, comes from God.   And […]

Cancer is Down and Obesity is Up

Cancer is down, reports Mike Stobbe (“US Cancer Death Rate Hits Milestone: 25 Years Of Decline,” Wilmington News Journal, 9 January, 2019.) We find deliverance from many-a  malady by self-denial only to find that we simply shift our appetites, unwilling to truly deny ourselves and really live.  But what, truly, is it to “really live”?  […]

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