Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Christo-centric Posse Comitatus

When Lawlessness persists in a Godless society, the people of God must gird up their loins and re-establish justice.  Such is the nature of true social reform – the Christendom-foundation, rising from the decadent Roman empire.  Long live the advancement Western Civilization and the Reformation. The influence of the churches of God is socio-political, not […]

The Unfitting People of God

Sometimes, church folk are just not holy enough for us; We just can’t abide their company and clumsy ways. Got to abandon those whom God has made saints And withdraw to our own private, refined company.Why associate with those buffoonsWhen our own fellowship  – one or two – will do? Hmm, indeed, what arrogant petty […]

Jesus, the “Son” of God

Somehow, this expression has been a stumbling block for many-a Bible reader who picks up the book and presumes selfishly upon himself the ability to assess every expression or term that might be used to describe such ethereal matters and subjects as God Himself.   Some (e.g. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, V.P Wierville Wayists) assume from this […]

Get a Grip on Yourself, National Review!

National Review, apparently in order to stay cool and welcome in broader political circles, is distancing itself from Trump like other cowardly chumps. “Donald Trump Is Still a Lunatic” writes Charles C. W. Cooke. Was Hitler legitimate?  Not by any ethical standard.  In the same way, quite simply, Biden is unfit and illegitimate!  (The vote […]

Demonazi Overthrow

My station WGUC is reminiscing About some criminal of the region Who was a famous bootlegger. Guess they are going to revel In the liberty we now have to drink And I hope they give it a good think.  Sometimes the “laws” of the time Are just stupid if not an outright crime. But they […]

Annapolis: A Fond Recollection

There are those events in everyone’s life, one may suppose, which are fondly and, perhaps, proudly recalled.   And so we do call them to mind from time to time to delight our souls.  There is one, accordingly, which I would recount on this particular morning as I reflected once again upon it.  It was the […]

Ukraine, Russia, US, and Secession Issues

 All this rah, rah for Ukraine is curious. What if Ohio does not want to abide under SCOTUS decrees which cancel law and justice by allowing for the murder of babies in the womb?  May we secede and have the support of those same people who support Russia?  (Ohio might start with a decree that frees […]


Such is a democracy without divine standards.  A friend sent me the term, recently; first I had ever heard of it – that I can remember.  It certainly has a ring; might be some distant memory: a thought floating around in many-a mind, perhaps. But, indeed, that is the destiny to which democracy descends when […]

Two Harlots Before the King

1 Kings 3:16-28 Two harlots came and stood before the king And one began to cry about a thing. Said the other had stolen her very own son Swapped her dead child and went on the run! (20) Yeah, she woke up and looked real close (21) Said the child was not comatose; He was […]

The Times, They Are Sleepy

https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/06/what-the-capitol-riot-prosecutions-tell-us/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NR%20Daily%20Saturday%20New%202021-06-12&utm_term=NRDaily-Smart No , the capitol riots did not constitute a legitimate revolution, but . . . neither did they signify any cause for rejection of the spirit of the protesters.  They are right to express utter rejection of any Democrat (read traitorous, pagan, blasphemous, etc.) party.  We have no legitimate bi-partisan system.  The Dems are morally […]

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