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Author of A Time To Kill


Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus

4 Feb., 2019 Thirteen syllables!  (You don’t need to count them.)   What a man!  Born (as Allix has it) 145-150 A.D.  He wrote De resurrectione carnis in which he lays out the case for the resurrection of the flesh.  A native of Carthage, the son of a proconsular centurion, described by Jerome as a man […]

Lead on Cuomo!

31 January, 2019 Re https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/01/infanticide-craze-new-york-virginia-abortion-laws/ Kill all those inconvenient babies!  And how these pro-aborts unabashedly continue in their ravaging of women and babies as zealous  devotees giving honor to the anniversary of  Roe v. Wade “law” (22 January, 1973). May we treat Governors Cuomo, Northram and  a Democratic lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates, […]

Wilmington “Social Activist”

RE: “Christian Social Activist Speaks in Wilmington About Walls and People https://www.wnewsj.com/news/95063/christian-social-activist-speaks-in-wilmington-about-walls-and-people 28 Jan., 2019 Shane Claiborne calls for defiance, civil disobedience.  He appeals to the Scriptures as his authority (ostensibly), declaring the Law of God above the civil authorities.  Hmm.  I am familiar with the concept:  that law, true law, comes from God.   And […]

Cancer is Down and Obesity is Up

Cancer is down, reports Mike Stobbe (“US Cancer Death Rate Hits Milestone: 25 Years Of Decline,” Wilmington News Journal, 9 January, 2019.) We find deliverance from many-a  malady by self-denial only to find that we simply shift our appetites, unwilling to truly deny ourselves and really live.  But what, truly, is it to “really live”?  […]

ETS Paper 1993

CoverBrochure p1ETS1993 p2ETS1993 p3ETS1993 p4ETS1993 p5ETS1993 p6ETS1993 p7ETS1993 p8ETS1993 p9ETS1993 p10ETS1993 p11ETS1993 p12ETS1993 The above was submitted to the Evangelical Theological Society in 1993.  I also submitted an essay in 1990, “The Ethics of Operation Rescue” and read it at one of the elective “break out meetings” the annual meeting, held that year in New Orleans.  […]