Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

June, 2020


(Illegal Poetry) Abortuaries were burning Across the fruited plain! A soothing aroma ascending to heaven The angels were rejoicing Revival had come to God’s frozen A new era had dawned and people Were finally coming around. Glory! Sodomites and abortionists Were hanging in the public squares Of every city on gallowses! Then I awoke.  It […]

Bored and Abhorred

If you don’t want to be abhorred By the Lord Don’t be bored Doing nothing to stop the hordes From taking up swords Against the innocent ones Who don’t get the fun Of life on God’s earth Denied that birth And their imago Dei worth. Oh what a curse Upon those who first Lifted their […]


You first heard it here.  “Why, I’m cesarbeching, dear!” It is my answer to my wife when she asks, as she does each day upon returning and finding me peacefully relaxing or busily tapping at my ‘puter:  “What did you do all day?” I answer, “The usual cesarbech of course.”   To which you (the […]


You might like to have sex With homos, dogs, cats, and rats But it’s not good for the hood. The judgment comes down And flows all around And drowns The life of folks who Want to live And to give Back to God Who made them To honor and obey Him all day In every […]

No Cursin’ Deaf Folk!

Been readin’ the Word o’ God and trying to get me some o’ that REform in ma heart! Says right there in Leviticus that a fella is not s’posed to trip up blind folk or curse deaf ones neither.  Right there in Leviticus the 19th chapter and the 14th verse.  Yessir.  Well it just causes […]