Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

No Cursin’ Deaf Folk!

Been readin’ the Word o’ God and trying to get me some o’ that REform in ma heart! Says right there in Leviticus that a fella is not s’posed to trip up blind folk or curse deaf ones neither.  Right there in Leviticus the 19th chapter and the 14th verse.  Yessir.  Well it just causes me to wonder somethin’.  How is a deaf fella to know if he’s bein’ cursed?  What does it matter to him whether he gets yelled at or joked about if he doesn’t even know anythin’ about it?    If ya curse a fella who deserves it – and he doesn’t hear it anyway, to boot! – what does it hurt ‘im? 

I just don’t understand the point o’ that command and I wanna respect it and obey it with ma whole heart. 

It occurs to me that the Lord has a sense of humor and is just givin’ us a little laughter here. 

Morning meditation for 2 June, 2020

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