Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

November, 2021

Praise Be To The Triune God!

Praise be to the triune God! Thanks to Him for His great love And the salvation He provided for us.  Thanks be to the Father For sending us the Son.  Thanks be to the Spirit For conceiving the divine One In the womb of Mary. Thanks be to the Holy Trinity. At 2023 on 29 […]

The Eternal Son Came Down

The eternal Son came down; And He wasn’t just messin’ around. Had a job to do on earth, More than just a miraculous birth. Had to take on all the world’s sin; Right onto His everlasting body! And they killed Him, but not for long; He was raised, so we sing that song: “Life conquered […]

How, Romanist Brethren?

24 Nov., 2021 How, Romanist Brethren, Can You Abide Biden? If I were an inquisitor, considering the proposition of Roman Catholicism concerning the supremacy of the bishop of Rome, I would be immediately thwarted in 2021 by the ongoing very public membership of POTUS Biden in the Roman Catholic Church.  How is it that a […]

Sleepin’ Through the Holocaust

Sleepin’ through the holocaust!We got to pick the pace on up! Got to lose this gross torpidity; Step up to the plate before it’s too late And the judgment falls on your head. Get out on o’ your bed; Time to wake up and rise. Got sticks or stones or lead? Hear those voices cryin’ […]

The Diarrhea Blues

Well, he had the blues, Some call it diarrhea, And he squatted the day away. Wasn’t any time to play! Had to go at every turn; Couldn’t even learn What they were trying To teach him in school! Yeah, he pooped like a fool. 23 Nov., 2021

The Eggman

Ikeman, the Eggman, cooks him some eggs; Gives him a lift without all the dregs. Goes to a school to teach some kids How to behave, tighten those lids. Got to learn: “It ain’t all about me.” “Get a grip” and be what you want to be. Broken families are quite the fad; Yes, even […]

Biden, Not Hilarious, But Hitlerian

How is Biden not like Hitler? There are many ways.  Biden is not a monarch, as was Hitler.  Biden does wield the power legislate or to govern the courts.  It is his disdain for the Law of God that he and Hitler have in common. In that Law we are informed of the presence of […]

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