Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Eternal Son Came Down

The eternal Son came down;
And He wasn’t just messin’ around.
Had a job to do on earth,
More than just a miraculous birth.
Had to take on all the world’s sin;
Right onto His everlasting body!
And they killed Him, but not for long;
He was raised, so we sing that song:
“Life conquered death!  He has won!”
So we go on from day to day
Knowing that He’s always got a say
In all we do in the light or the hedges.
And when the devil brings those charges,
We don’t fret or look to dodge it.
It was all laid right on Him,
Bringin’ pain on every limb.
And He took it like a God-man can,
Setting us free, and we run
Right up to Him right up to His lap,
Not worried about any mishap.
In His hands He’s got the front and back
And there is nothin’ at all that we lack.

Noon-plus on 29 Nov., 2021

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