Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


The Presence of  Glory

Folks don’t handle well the company Of  that person of glorious note. He’s attractive but discomfiting; His glory exposes deficiency. There is an awkwardness:A sense of failure, subordination;A feeling of wrongfulnessInspired by the presenceOf the high-level achiever.Yeah, such company is discomfiting,But it need not as such be so!We ALL fall short of HIS glory,Making ours […]

On Tearing Up Temples

Remember when Jesus tore up the Temple? It is that same spirit that tears up an abortuary: A hatred for blasphemous, murderous evil. Got to do what you got to do!And sometimes it ain’t pretty to peaceful people.Some folks can’t stand any waves;Got to have those smooth, peaceful lakes.But the wind of justice does blowThe […]

Lord, You Take Good Care of Me!

You take good care of me So what else do I need?Got my breath; got Your stare.What else to worry or care?Don’t need all that money;Got me a real good honey.She takes care of me, tooWhen You’re too busy to.(Just kidding.  I know youNever look away from me,But have me ever in view.Got that omniscience […]

Tolerated, Outlawed, and (finally) Shunned

            Abortion will follow the same course as slavery.              Mankind, sin-ridden as it is, falls into stupid, ridiculous, and (yes) wicked habits.  It is a feature of humanity since the disobedient eating of that fruit (Gen. 3:6).             For many years, humanity was caught up in the sin of slavery.  A condition one might […]

A Border Meditation

If, as a national “body” of people, We are unwilling to protect ourselves From the infection that infuses us By the invasion of immigrants, We will, indeed, deserve the influx: The natural consequence of  negligence.But, of course, even derelictionCan be morphed into national benefit!Are we not short on workers to fillThe demands of an economy […]

Onward Weak or Strong

Stick with the straight and  narrow Flying along like a target arrow. Got that destiny in front; No swerving left or right, Falling into the din or the night;Got that light to guide your fight.That energy will not go to wasteAnd by His Spirit you’ll keep the pace.Head up strong and marching on;Serve Him feeling […]

You Can Choose Whatever Road You Choose, But . . .

While you’re choosin’ whatever road you choose, I won’t interfere unless you are doing harm To another innocent who can’t protect himself. Might want to kill that baby in your womb; I’m not lettin’ him go to that tomb, No matter that you think it your “choice.” And just because that little one has no […]

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