Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Lookin’ Down Upon Those Slavers?

So it is, generally, with post-bellum moderns.  But, truly, we cannot deride the slave-world of the past.  We got nothin’ on them; we are surely not less decadent.   Is not the butchery of an innocent person a greater crime than the enslavement of him?  “Modern,” “enlightened” and “civilized,” we are yet decadent sinners. How about […]

Abortion, the Bastard Child of “Women’s Rights”

In the days before Roe, the great triumph over evil in America was that achieved by Martin Luther King.  Segregation, the heir of slavery, was defeated by one who opposed that evil head on.  The new evil which still abides across the land, despite the overturning of the satanic Roe v. Wade “opinion,” is the […]

A Perverse Peace

In the ante-bellum era, the Spirit of  Toleration could not prevail.  Its grip could not encompass all the people; there were enough to resist and overcome the evil which had extended its reach to many states.  We are not so blessed with the zeal either to separate from an evil or to defeat it.  Toleration […]

Standing for Satanists?

Why are they given standing in the courts of “One nation under God”? How sick, as well as hypocritical and deceitful, is that? NO standing! Rather, how about charges of TREASON from propagating revolution against a nation under God? See referenced idiocy here: https://www.lifenews.com/2023/01/06/satanic-temple-sues-to-stop-abortion-bans-claims-killing-babies-is-a-religious-right/

What is the Church?

The church is about sound doctrine (per the Scriptures and the Creeds), indeed.  But it is also about the gathering: the “breaking of the bread.”  There is a special presence of God in the “sacrament” – the “communion” or “supper.” We don’t accomplish such by mail or TV or “on-line.”  We gather to break the […]

A Christian Must Go

The blood flows and flows through the bodyAnd it carries the energy needed to nourishAnd sustain arms, legs, and brainLest we go insane and fade awayBefore the break of another day.Ours is to look way past basic biologyAnd delve into that Biblical theology. A Christian must go whithersoever God leads him!Whitherward I went, to what […]

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