Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


The Slum Lord

They are easily found around.Property is purchased and let to sitTo accrue value by associationWith the productive neighbors.They enjoy the increase in valueBrought by the homes of othersKept up by their labor and care,While the “lords” lounge and neglectTo maintain their houses, exploitingThe labors of those who keep upTheir homes with responsible diligence.Yes, derelicts and […]

That “Choice” Thing

“Slavery” – a Southern man’s “choice” “Anti-Semitism” – A Hitlerian German’s “choice” “White Supremacy” – an evolutionary, naturalist racist’s “choice” “Abortion”  – any “liberated” woman’s “choice” “Same-sex Relationship” – old-fashioned sodomy all churched-up as a “choice” or “orientation” Truth and Justice – the choice of the Biblical/historic Christian 15 April, 2023

Good Moral Economics

The termination of an abortionist (by a random citizen) serves not only the defensive duty of all (and anyone) to protect innocent people from harm (viz., those babies he was plotting to kill), but it also serves the justice principle of bringing due punishment upon a transgressor;  a murderer is punished justly for his capital […]

Murdered By Medical Tools

Yes, the termination of an unwanted abortionist is a difficult achievement,What with misguided, rogue police turning a blind eye to those who die In those “health care facilities” where they slaughter babies, Treating those who butcher them like rabies, unwilling to lay a hand Upon those who ought from healthy society to be scorned and […]

A Short Take on the Devil and Divine Purpose for that Beast

The devil’s ass has been well whipped by our Lord and Savior Who did spank the hell out of him per his grip upon the saints. But our Lord allows the beast to creep around and accomplish The Almighty’s will in testing and sanctifying His saints As well as making a display of the followers […]

What Heretics (Cultists) Have in Common . . .

What do Wiervillans, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witness have in common? They all reject the Trinity: God as He is: The eternal Father, Son and Spirit. Forever He existed, in need of no company, quite content in Himself and satisfied with excellent companionship.  And yet, beyond His own pleasure, the Almighty One had in mind the […]

What?  Still Ain’t Kicked Out Biden?

The “church” ain’t kicked out Biden?!?!?Got no prostate or just hidin’? What’s it take to kick out a heretic? Need to your brain someone to take a brick? The fool is a holocaust champion! A leader of ghouls into the darkness! What kind of  church helps a heretic Continue to lead folks astray, And support […]

Vouchers for Families Who Home School?

Why not?  A family takes on the expense of educating their children, relieving the state of the expense.  How about a voucher?  Or a tax deduction for those who opt to school their children privately? How about that “choice” thing that women’s libbers are always railing about?  Huh???? 27 March, 2023

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