Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Have Done with Deluded Leaders

Whether it’s Hunter or Joe Or anyone else quite slow To grasp the truth of God And the necessity of the rod, Any such are surely unfit As the foulest piece o’ shit To lead a nation out of the pit Into which it has rapidly fallen By its lurid toleration of abortion. Out of […]

Dealing with People

Do you love truth, justice, and righteousness? “Good!” to those who answer, “Yes!” Now, do you hate that which contracts them? (I.e. lies, crime, and general wickedness?) Another good “yea!” due here. What do you do about him whom you love? You adore, nurture, and encourage him! And him (or the evil) whom you hate? […]

Dems,Worse Than A King

Well, “The Court” finally dumped Roe! Is that what you needed to know Before you could save a baby?Your mind and soul must be shady! Need a judge to authorize compassion (A bomb, a match, and some action)? Who gave the command to love one another? Is that one in the womb not your brother?We […]

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