Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

So, What’s Left?

Nothing left but the Judgment!
Between then and now is the Church
And the entertainment it provides
For those wide-eyed angels looking down
And watching the works of God’s people!
So what kind of a show are you putting on?
Are you a bore or putting on a good show?
Do you and your congregation magnify Him?
How is He, through you, looking these days?
Do you manifest His love by your love of the brethren?
How is your service of one another going?
What needs of others in the flock have you met?
Yes, the Church is that holy company with a mission
To call the world to repentance and due submission.
The gathering is the place from which service proceeds.
The love of the saints follows through with good deeds.

1014 on 15 May, 2024

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