Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Stormy Weather for Donald Trump and the Nation

Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels, may or may not be telling the truth about Trump affair.  But what is the point and what her purpose?  Is she a stinking Democrat?  A resentful pro-abort?  What is in this for her?   Is she conniving to keep him out of office?  Is she angry because she didn’t get to be the First Lady?

Motives matter when folks are campaigning against a political figure.  What is this woman’s ethical mindset?  Is she angry that her “lover” is opposing abortion?

All this political warfare may be set aside if we recognize what the candidates STAND for!  Biden is a foul pro-abort!  He, along with decadent Democrats are – like the manstealers of the  Civil War era – decadent anthro-phobes!   Yes, they don’t revere humanity as sacred!  They believe in no image of God in mankind!  They are pagan secularists!

Forsake.  Shun.  Reject.  Anathematize the damned Democrat party!

31 May 2024

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