Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

June, 2021

The Courting Is Cool

The courting is cool But look out for the woo! Take stock and beware. Monitor your actions and dare Not to fall into an affair Where you give not a care For what is right and stare At one another most sillily, Losing your wits and sensibility Along with all ability To keep hold of […]

Fools Running Wild

I think of those fools running wild, No guidance, like a motherless child, Those who the truth love to contort And justify those babies to abort. Foul are their ways all of their days Serving their own pleasure always. But a reckoning will swiftly come And their rhetoric will look real dumb When they babble […]

They Had Pets to Pet

The older brothers and sisters Had pets to pet. And when there were no pets, They had Petra to pet. But poor Petra had no pets So what is a Petra to do not to fret? Can’t just pine away and get upset! Well, along came Heidi and Jesse Had some dogs, not too messy. […]

Non-conformity Was a Thing

Non-conformity was a thing Way back in the day, The hew and cry of  the hippies Calling the nation away From fixation on money and things. But to the Law of God they had no strings Attached to keep themselves afloat In a sea with darkness all about. Separation from greed is very good thing […]


(National Association of Abortion Clinic Bombers) To be read orally with classic rap rhythm: Refrain: So bring it NAACBStick to ’em one, two, three Verse 1 It’s a national association Takin’ up a brand new station Fellowship for the “clinic” bomber Opposing defeat and the somber. Time to come out of the sleep, Following the […]

Travesty of the Chauvin Conviction

If an anarchist – a disdainful person by virtue of the anarchist spirit behind his rebellion – is resisting arrest, what is to be done with such insurrection?    The rebel  must be subdued by all means necessary.  Officer Chauvin did not have a band of assistants to enable him to accommodate the rebelling, resisting insurrectionist […]

Jared Huffman

Rep. Jared Huffman is an ass Wants to give morality a pass. Knows nothing about justice and Law; Thinks they’re a matter of the maw Of any Tom, Dick or Harry Who on the ethics ventures a query. But that’s not the way of Moses Got the message right down from the Boss

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