Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Travesty of the Chauvin Conviction

If an anarchist – a disdainful person by virtue of the anarchist spirit behind his rebellion – is resisting arrest, what is to be done with such insurrection?    The rebel  must be subdued by all means necessary.  Officer Chauvin did not have a band of assistants to enable him to accommodate the rebelling, resisting insurrectionist with comfortable restraining measures!   There was no opportunity to coddle the thug who was engaged in incontinent defiance of law and order.  The officer of the law was bound to apprehend the anarchist who was RESISTING arrest.  

Anarchy, historically a capital crime,  had to be subdued.   So, the solitary arresting officer did subdue and incorrigible – suicidal? – rebel.   He restrained the rebelling and resisting anarchist by the only means available  – a knee the neck to force submission to that he could cuff a man’s arms which the resisting anarchist would not willingly present to the officer for cuffing!  It was quite a difficult task for an officer who takes seriously the task of restraining and apprehending one who is resisting arrest!   The officer was faithfully carrying our his job rather than abandoning it and declaring himself helpless in carrying out his  duty. 

The prosecution of Officer Chauvin is nothing less than a travesty.   It is my regret not to have railed against this turpitude until now.  I am certainly not one who things there is never a time to break “the law” and suffer the consequences, and  I have broken the law (for just cause, I aver, in my particular case) and submitted to arrest and consequences.   Chauvin was arresting thug lawbreakers who fancied themselves to be champions of a cause when they were nothing better than despicable anarchists.

This prosecution is a crime against the nation as well as Officer Chauvin.  It is an assault upon Law and Order.

28 June, 2021

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