Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Political Ministry of the Churches of God

On Proper Emergency Political Procedure

What do you do when your House Is overcome by Democrats? Same thing you do when your house Is overcome with rats. You get rid of them or leave! How? Well since you can’t exterminate them, You exclude them from your House – and Senate. No Nazis!  No Democrats! You, surely, don’t allow them to […]

“Workers Ahead”

Those “Men Working” signs have been converted; Somebody must have complained. Says, “Workers Ahead”!  Now Isn’t that nice, but at what price To get all those signs converted! Oh what a nation, its mind perverted With nonsense about “equality.” One has two balls, the other two tits Says nothin’ about who’s got wits! Some boys […]

Good Riddance, Roe!

Just like slavery went away So will abortion, by God, When they see the light of day! Fools will awake from their drools Zealous for Law grab their tools Justice takes up the hammer Puts butcherers in the slammer. No more blood at the “clinics” (Sorry you pro-abort cynics!) Life created in the image of […]

Could Never Go the Roman Road

It is not simply doctrinal matters regarding soteriology and ecclesiology that would  prevent any inclination on my part to visit Romanism as a viable membership option.  It is the flagrant failure of the church to discipline even its high provide offenders and heretics.   I have in view, of course, Nancy Pelosi and POTUS, Joe Biden. […]


Save yourself, US!  Keep Democrats Out of Office!  They are advocates for the murder of innocents; they are a traitors to the unborn of humanity;  they are traitors to the nation. No Democrat is fit to rule.  So just say no!  It is a moral matter and, therefore, ought to be preached from every legitimate […]

COVID and Assembly Forsaking

Give up that holy kiss; COVID rules, don’t ya know! The Church got to go on hold; Those gates of hell must prevail! The will of the virus be done; Forget the words of the Son!Hallowed be the name of the CDC; On the Word of God we’ll pee! 0915 on 25 April, 2022

Ukraine, Russia, US, and Secession Issues

All this rah, rah for Ukraine is curious.  What if Ohio does not want to abide under SCOTUS decrees (which cancel law and justice allow for the murder of babies in the womb)?  May we secede and have the support of those same people who support Russia?  (Ohio might start with a decree that frees […]

Dems and Nazis

We give Dems too much grace!  We fail to call them out as a (morally) completely degraded party.  We act as if they are still a legitimate option for whom any citizen may rightfully vote!  But the moral truth is that no Democrat may be regarded as a legitimate option.  It must be remembered that […]

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