Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Political Ministry of the Churches of God

Virginia and Maryland

Virginia and MarylandSome of the founding states of the Union.And who was in mind in the naming?None other than the mother of JesusThe Lord and Savior of all of usAnd, indeed, the whole world!(Yes, He’s quite the internationalist!And she, the mother of our Lord,Was quite the lady to name the land after.)So get a grip […]

On Jackass Punks

Now think of those stupid-ass punksMessing with those women’s centers Where all help is given freely to ladies To help avoid a fate worse than rabies. It is not a matter of vandals doing violence To someone on the other side of an issue. We are talking about more than some “tissue”! “Crisis pregnancy centers” […]

Euphemistic Lies and Deceit

Slavery was trumpeted by those who advocated for it under the guise of “property rights” Child-slaughter by abortion was trumpeted by those who advocate for it under guise of“women’s rights.” When do we get past falling for such heresy (bullshit – for the common man) ?   Observe the truth and act accordingly! Oh, the stupidity […]

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