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A High Speciosity Rating

Such must be granted to the Democratic party members who continue their alliance with the post-Roe, pro-abort citizens of the land.   How long will the party continue to court death today as it did slavery long ago – all in the name of “liberty” for the mother to kill her child and the “freedom” for […]

Earth-Worshipers and College Professors

Steve Szeghi An earth-worshiper, a.k.a. an “economics professor” at Wilmington College?   He is an advocate of “social justice and the environment.”  He is a co-author of Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy.  Wonderful.  But for many such folks, an important principle is missing: the Creator of that earth  – which he errantly worships in […]

The Failure to Treat Communism as an Evil on Par with Nazism

John O’Sullivan writes for National Review (Oct., 25, 2022): “The truth of the matter is that the West never confronted the radical evil of Communism as it confronted that of Nazism. Both Left and Right had their reasons for forgetting the past as Communism imploded in front of them: The Right wanted a smooth diplomatic […]

Yet Another Biden/Church Rant

Re: The Retention of Biden on the Romanist Rolls One of the great, blatant but unmentioned, scandals of our time is the retention of Joe Biden a member of the Roman Catholic Church.  How does this church maintain credibility, not to mention holiness, when it retains the likes of this prominent Holocaustian on its membership […]

“Rapture” Fantasies and the World’s Salt

What if all Muslims were taken away (“raptured” out o’ here!)? What impact would that have upon the world?  Good?  Bad? Might depend upon where and what the alternatives were.  Under a Godless tyrant it might be good to have some Muslim comrades to resist him.  So some places would fare worse.  Similarly countries dominated […]

Letter to Elders re Prison Ministry

[Nov., 2016] Notice: Termination of Prison Ministry I have determined to abandon the prison ministry here in Wilmington in order to pursue necessary support for my family.  I am hoping to find a replacement minister(s) to continue the mission and will made efforts to that end in the next three months.   (My last prison visit […]

Truth and War

Swords and Shields was war up close and personal: You see the eyes of a person as he diesUnder the blows of your sword; No distancing death from your view. You do what you got to do; It is either he or you. And now we think less grimly of war, Carried out at distances […]

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