Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Political Ministry of the Churches of God

Discriminative Giving

Many a beggar, personal/private or organized professional, comes asking for your “dough.”  The conscience of every sinner knows he owes someone for his un-judged life.  (He is yet breathing and hasn’t paid the penalty due for his offenses against the Almighty and His commands!)  There is much to be done, even after genuine repentance, in […]

Not A “Mandatable” Matter

No mask tyranny!  This is a pro-choice matter.  Can’t folks can’t figure out what is “mandatable” and what is not?  Apparently not! Seat belts, masks, medicines, menus, neighborhoods, vacation destinations, employment, theater:  these are all matters of CHOICE.  Some things, of course, are not “mandatable”: our parents, our race, our sex (until recently, for certain […]

Save the Nation!

Excrete Biden, abort the Court, honor the Law of God.  There really is no better way than God’s way as revealed in His commands, the Big Ten.  And the flagrant rejection of them exhibited in the decriminalization of sodomy and abortion is a glowing example of the disdain which our leadership has shown God and His […]

Biden, Holiness, and Church Membership

Sorry, brethren, but I am puzzled, disheveled, disgusted, perturbed, disappointed, and pissed-off at the ongoing toleration by the Roman Catholic Church of Joe Biden on its membership roll.   How has this disgusting, Holocaustian, pervert (!) remained on the membership roles of the “Holy” Catholic Church? What does this policy do for those of us “Protestants” […]

On Anarchy and General Disrespect of the Police

A convicted “clinic bomber,” arrested by police and jailed for 46 months and ten days, I have never held the police in disdain.  I believe they do their job as men who, deployed by higher authorities, must obey all LAWFUL commands.  And even when they, under the command of those in darkness and in ignorance […]

Dear Archbishop Gregory!

Dear Archbishop Gregory, “While he lives and worships in D.C., President Joe Biden is Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s responsibility.”  So does Michael Brendan Dougherty focus the duty to discipline Biden in an article in National Review. (https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/07/is-biden-worthy-to-receive/).  Discipline of Joe Biden is long overdue.  Biden had been a pro-abort politician publically supporting and defending the ongoing […]

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