Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Political Ministry of the Churches of God

Re-presentation of the Sin of Omission

We call it “tolerance.”  If our calling as Christians includes the doing good as well as the action of restraint from doing evil – i.e. “positive” as well as “negative” commands –  we may well sin when we fail to oppose evil. To tolerate evil is a sin just as it is a sin to […]

“Freedom of Religion”?

There surely is a moral evolution (or devolution) Of a people as they abide by or abandon The Law of God. Nations rise and fall sometimes by their brutality or passivity, But more rightfully by the moral behavior of the people Reflected in the standards that they maintain. Sadly, in the name of Freedom of […]

Freedom and Wisdom

“Freedom!” fools used to say. “If you don’t want a slave, Don’t have one! We can do what we want!Don’t tell us what to do!”So said those poor foolsWho supported the rightTo capture another personAnd compel him to serveAs a slave of another human.“We have the rightTo have our own slaves!”And so say those who […]


Screw SCOTUS: Tyrants in robes Who scorn the Law of God! They splattered the land With the blood of Roe Undoing the laws of the land!How do the people bowTo tyrants like a yoked cow?The Law was given by GodTo Moses and the prophets;There is no other standard.NO COURT overrules the Law of God.For peace […]

A People “Under God”!

The nation belongs “under God.” So when it is obscured by the fog And its glory is sullied and paled, Its righteous ones scorned and jailed, Ours is to call it back to its origin: A people “indivisible” and “under God”!Maintain the truth for the next generation;You have children inheriting your nation.What will it be […]

Judges: Just and Otherwise

One judge finds me guilty And sentences me to ten years And a whole lot of restitution money; Another judge reverses the caseAnd I go back to court.An Alford plea gets me six(Over a guilty plea for five).Satisfied, I do my  time on the sixOnly later to find that restitutionWas omitted in the legal shuffling,And […]

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