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Author of A Time To Kill

What Would Jesus Have Done?

2 July, 2014 What if the woman brought before Jesus and charged with adultery had a co-defendant?  What if the man caught with her had been brought before the elders by the accusers and they were both properly charged  and the evidence was forthcoming?  What if there were two witnesses presented  and upon cross examination, […]

Joseph Sobran’s Pensees of 1985

During my ten-year sentence (subsequently reversed and negotiated to six years), William Buckley’s National Review was a regular main meal in literary fare.  A highlight in that publication was Sobran’s essay, “Pensees,” which appeared in December, 1985.  (By no means is the assumption of the Renaissance writer’s title a presumption.) Having a “job” in the library, […]

Bowie, Maryland: November, 1989

The Church is no more.  It existed from the fall of 1984 until the summer of 2003.  The pastors at the time were Michael Bray and Michael Colvin. Below is a flier the church circulated to thousands in that town.  It is a call to the reconstruction of society (starting with our town) on the basis […]

Jayne Bray letter to Wilmington News Journal

1 Nov., 2007 Wilmington News Journal 47 S. South St. Wilmington, OH 45177 Dear Editor, We were to be removed from our home yesterday, 30 days after the 1 October invasion by federal marshals.  But on Monday, the Court allowed us to remain at least until our home is auctioned.  On that first day of […]

PP Collection in Ohio

Two years before the surprise raid on the Bray home, Michael Bray filed a ten-page affidavit in July of 2005 in response to PP’s continuing efforts to take his home, computers, books, and papers.  Any literary flair proceeds from the influence of his excellent counselor, Thomas Condit.  Below are the first six pages of that affidavit: […]

Michael and Jayne Bray v. Planned Parenthood

The status as of May, 2014 A draft of the original lawsuit filed in the fall of 2007 against Planned Parenthood Columbia Williamette, Inc. is here: Bray v PP – The Complaint A complaint was likewise filed against the U.S. Marshals and they responded as follows: 22 March 2013 Brief of Appellees Thomas Condit, counsel for the Brays, filed a reply: 15 […]

Judge Orlando Garcia and the Clintonistas: Perverters of Law

Michael Bray 26 February, 2014 U.S. Federal Judge Orlando Garcia (Fagophile Apparent) on Feb. 26, 2014 declared the sodomite “marriage” (a.k.a. “same-sex marriage”) ban, lawfully established by the people and the government of Texas, to be “unconstitutional.” This tyrant (a Clinton-appointee), who is apparently a disciple by that lascivious, perverted and disgraced president, ruled as […]

Sodomy: the Judgment of the Churches of God in History

Michael Bray 20 February, 2014 McClintock and Strong produced the Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, published by Harper and Brothers, 1867-1887, reprinted by Baker Book House Company in 1981.  I bought by own copy within a few years of that date and remain gratified by the usefulness of the set – a wealth […]

Clarence Interviews Michael Bray (Anno Domini 3024)

Michael Bray 28  January, 2014 After passing his first millennium in heaven Bray meets Clarence.  But first, a little background for the conversation is offered.  The faltering western world of the early twenty-first century imploded upon its own cultural corruption as the nations completed their apostasy from the Christ whom they had worshiped and whose […]

Romalis is Dead: Good Riddance

http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/westcoastnews/story.html?id=acc60223-b903-4ecc-9dae-d6c72dc4df81 30 January, 2014, Canadian Abortionist Garson Romalis went to meet the Maker of the innocent babies that he spent his life butchering as the Vancouver Sun reported per above in its 3 February issue.  Romalis was one of a small company of Canadian baby killers including Jack Fainman and the most infamous, Bernard Slepian.  […]

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