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Author of A Time To Kill

Global Warming Is Good

Terence J. Hughes Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change School of Earth and Climate Sciences, Climate Change Institute University of Maine 14 October 2014 For some years now, some of my glaciological colleagues (Bob Thomas whom I brought to the University of Maine for a few years before he went to NASA), Jay […]

Laudato Si and the Mind of Pope Francis

Terence J. Hughes Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change University of Maine 24 June 2015 Laudato Si is magnificent! The closing pages are sublime! Now that I’ve read it and had time to reflect, and then sample reactions from others, my admiration for Pope Francis has soared. True, he gave a lot of […]

Report on Ex-Abortionist Cahill . . .

. . . on the Effects of Zachary Klundt’s  Anti-abortion Activism, see: http://flatheadbeacon.com/2015/03/18/a-year-later-fallout-from-destroyed-clinic-lingers/ Ah, this is a wonderful!  Such reports have been so few in recent years and the drought from such refreshing rain so long, that such a dose almost overwhelms the senses.    Yes, it is drink for the thirsty soul that thrives on […]

On Contraception (i.e. Counter-Conception Measures)

W. Ross Blackburn has written an excellent reply (Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Spring, 2015) to Dennis Hollinger’s “Ethics of Contraception: A Theological Assessment” which appeared in the December, 2013 issue of JETS. Blackburn’s “Sex and Fullness: A Rejoinder to Dennis Hollinger on Contraception” delivers a well-deserved spanking. Sadly, it took over a year […]

Is Homosexual Orientation Sinful?

The following is an abridgement of Denny Burk’s essay which was published in the Spring, 2015 issue of the quarterly Journal of the Evangelical Theological Evangelical Theological Society 2825 Lexington Road, Box 927 Louisville, KY 40208-0001 Excerpted from the 20-page article here:  JETS_58-1_95-115_Burk   Get the whole issue or subscribe by contacting the ETS at the address above. […]

Four Chaplains: Three Christians

4 Feb., 2015 Mayor Riley has used his bully pulpit well on many occasions, cheering us on as a city, as a community. And he has done well in urging us to good citizenship, inspiring us through his Wilmington News Journal columns to be thankful by pointing us to the many excellent features and opportunities […]

Frederick Douglass Redux

9 March, 2015 “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody, than are the people of these United States, at this very hour.” So said Frederick Douglas of the United States a decade before the Civil War. And so might any of the last eight presidents of the […]

Media Zeroes in on White Rose Banquet

By Roger Domingo Life Advocate March/April, 1999 College Park, MD – Easily likened to a hungry circle of sharks with a scent of blood, the media reporters and photographers seemed to outnumber the seventy paying guests at this year’s White Rose Banquet. The fourth annual event was held on the eve of the twenty-sixth anniversary […]

“And Your Money Says in God We Trust” (CACN, Fall 2000)

Posted on 20 February, 2015 This issue (no. 31), like the previous (Wint, 1999), was small (two pages, rather than twelve).  The title was inspired by a Larry Norman song of prophetic lamentation. We inveighed against the Abortion President whom we hold, even today, in greater disdain than we do  the communist ideologue currently in […]

Resisting the Tyrant Federal Judiciary (CACN, Wint 1999)

In this issue no. 30 (Winter, 1999), as the title indicates, we are well put out by the Court which, after five years of litigation, has determined that our speech threatens those who feel threatened – abortionists, the shooting of whom we cannot in good conscience condemn.  In this report we explain to the readers that Bray scheduled to undergo “post-judgment […]

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