Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Tearing Up Temples

Remember when Jesus tore up the Temple? It is that same spirit that tears up an abortuary: A hatred for blasphemous, murderous evil. Got to do what you got to do!And sometimes it ain’t pretty to peaceful people.Some folks can’t stand any waves;Got to have those smooth, peaceful lakes.But the wind of justice does blowThe […]

Lord, You Take Good Care of Me!

You take good care of me So what else do I need?Got my breath; got Your stare.What else to worry or care?Don’t need all that money;Got me a real good honey.She takes care of me, tooWhen You’re too busy to.(Just kidding.  I know youNever look away from me,But have me ever in view.Got that omniscience […]

Tolerated, Outlawed, and (finally) Shunned

            Abortion will follow the same course as slavery.              Mankind, sin-ridden as it is, falls into stupid, ridiculous, and (yes) wicked habits.  It is a feature of humanity since the disobedient eating of that fruit (Gen. 3:6).             For many years, humanity was caught up in the sin of slavery.  A condition one might […]

Euphemistic Lies and Deceit

Slavery was trumpeted by those who advocated for it under the guise of “property rights” Child-slaughter by abortion was trumpeted by those who advocate for it under guise of“women’s rights.” When do we get past falling for such heresy (bullshit – for the common man) ?   Observe the truth and act accordingly! Oh, the stupidity […]

Grammar Police Notice

“I will never not call an employee by their name” said Amy on the Carlos and Amy Show this morning (HOPE 100 on 29 Feb., 2024, cir. 9:15  a.m.). It is a common grammatical error to reference a person (employee, in this case) – singular – with the plural pronoun, “they.” Somehow “they” – the […]

“All He’s Ever Been Is kind”?

Which god are you serving? Ever read Job?  (Wasn’t treated too kindly by God.  Remember when He allowed the devil to “have his way” with that righteous man?  Wasn’t pretty – or kind.) Were the Father and the Spirit “kind” to Jesus when they poured out the sins of the world upon Him – for […]

On Speaking That Truth

In speaking the Truth, you may offend Smithy Mormons, Watchtower Witnesses, Wierville Wayists, Democrats, RINOs or maybeEven right-wing or regular lefty sodomites!So, hope for the best and anticipate the worst:Some will receive it and others will cover and run,But you will not lose out on the ultimate fun.You will have obeyed the call to summonThose […]

Dear Romanist brethren,

Are you protesting this apostate Pope?  You do know that he blesses sodomite “marriages.”  Right?  So, what keeps you from abandoning such heresy?  And body of people, any organization, which approves heresy (perversion, apostasy, etc.) is to be abandoned. Why haven’t others in authority removed the heretic?  Are they in agreement?  Or without the gonads […]

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