Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Biden Blasphemy

Was there hope among Romanists in the USA that truth-seekers among pious Protestants might “see the light” and come to the Roman Catholic Church?  Did the RCC not lead the way in American resistance to child-slaughter by abortion?  Did its pious, prolife members not shine the light on the holocaust and summon Christians to speak […]

Order, Police, and BLM Bull

(A meditation from one who spent 46 months and 10 days in jail) A specific application of a principle of citizenship – honoring police – may be considered in the mistreatment afforded them by the BLM insurrectionists.  These Godless, treacherous delinquents ought not to be treated as “protestors” but as treacherous delinquents who despise government.  […]

In This Life One Thing’s Clear

To the tune of “You’ve God to Pick a Pocket or Two” In this life one thing’s clear Eat with Stuckerts, drink a beer Dine with them and have good cheer You’ve got to see a Stuckert or two Chorus:You’ve got to see a Stuckert or two-oo-oo You’ve got to see a Stuckert or two […]

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