Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Generic “He”

Please!  Acquaint thyself With the generic “he”! You do not, so, exclude the she Who may among addressees be. It’s that singular person in English, you see, When referenced by means of a pronoun! So please!  Don’t speak like a clown Casting grammar rules to the ground! A person is a person, no matter What […]

Back from the Crematorium

(Where the remains Joseph A. Bray Jr. were installed) Went back to that Naval Academy;Been some time since I’d been there.Dad’s remains were put in a box,In a drawer the size of a fist.Yes, death will humble us all.But, thanks be to God who had the gallTo come down and take on fleshAnd make our […]

Paul Hill

(In Remembrance) On 8 August, 2022 The likes of Beseda, Brockhoeft, and BrayTorched abortuaries like hay Then came Paul, who said, “No way! Blow the baby-butchers away!” Bless the soul of Paul: Ya know he gave it all; Shot that abortionist dead, Right in his blasphemous head; No more violent than our soldiers at war, […]

Joseph Was a Son of Paterson

Tribute to Joseph A. Bray Jr. Paterson, NJ USNA 1951 Joseph was a son of Paterson; Had a sister, Betty and a brother, Don. Wasn’t long and he was gone. “Left home at seventeen And never came back,” As was said of him by folks back home. To many places he did roam: Hawaii, Germany, […]

Some Neighborly Conversation

So, I saw to my neighbor – one with a couple kids and a few grand kids, and imagined saying to him, “You saved your money (some of it that didn’t go to entertainment and vacations), rather than spend it on the rearing of many child and thereby investing in your own future care.  And […]

The Triune God: a Brief Explication

            (The simple necessity for the Trinity from the standpoint of man’s salvation explained plainly for the common man and scholastic gloaters.)   God, being love and existing eternally, must necessarily exist in two persons.  There must be at least one subject of love and one object of love. The Son, in order to save […]

Da Holy One o’ Isr’el

Prior note to reader: “HOI” is Holy One of Israel: Isaiah 5:24,25 Dey gonna get slapped in de eye Fo’ despisin’ de HOI! I’m sayin’ I can tell you why! Day gonna git spanked, by an’ by! Da anger o’ da Lord has burnt (25) His mine ‘gains’ ’em has bin turnt! Stretched out His […]

What’s With WGUC?

To hell with Planned Parenthood!They butcher babies in the name of “health” By the blood of children they gain wealth. They smother a voice in the name of “choice.” To hell with them and their fans! Abort THEM and their sinister plans To promote the murder of babies Treating them like a case of rabies […]

“Workers Ahead”

Those “Men Working” signs have been converted; Somebody must have complained. Says, “Workers Ahead”!  Now Isn’t that nice, but at what price To get all those signs converted! Oh what a nation, its mind perverted With nonsense about “equality.” One has two balls, the other two tits Says nothin’ about who’s got wits! Some boys […]

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