Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

October, 2020

Whence and Whither, Wilmington?

Michael Bray 28 March 2007 One of the wonderful opportunities at Wilmington High School is the development of writing skills for those who do extracurricular work for the school paper, Hurricane. Occasionally there is an article of interest for the larger community, that fellowship of citizens which pays for the school’s existence.  In the latest […]

Ours Is but a Foretaste

The fathers went down to Egypt Many long years ago And became as numerous as heaven. He sent me to jail with only three. Now – plus grands – we have eleven. When I think of Anastasia Who would have made us twelve, The child who never was among us, I imagine her well occupied […]

Bray Credo

The following 65-word creed contains the names of all the children of Mike and Jayne Bray.  They are represented in the text in order.  Some appear candidly; others in metaphor.  The Lord is my God.                                                  ElliI have peace with Him through the One               JonasWho revealed Him to all men.                                 EpiphanyHe rescued us from […]


What fools those ghouls Those self-acclaimed progressives! “Regressives,” indeed Who take no heed Of the Word from above. They talk big about love But know nothing of it. O puuulllleaaaase! Shove it! Got no time for your jive. You got nothin’ to give But your Godless protests. And as for the rest Who are doing […]


Simply summarized, it is inspired by family breakdown;  which is the product of that cool, progressive, Godless movement which propagated sex outside of marriage.  Indeed, the de-sacralization of marriage – the holy institution where sex is exclusively, as a holy association, to be had – is the true “root cause” of the contemporary break down […]

On Capacity for Salacity

Our capacity for salacity Is beyond what one may imagine, And to our chagrin It does not end But begins anew rightIn our hearts, Wicked in every new day. O that sin within Every day rises up to begin Another assault upon our souls, On friends and foe taking tolls! And what of it shall […]

What is Truth?

“What is Truth?” queried Pilate when the prosecution of Jesus was before him.  And so it is that the question has persisted down through the ages and continues today. Then the particular question was whether the Nazarene could be rightly identified as the one and only and long anticipated “messiah.” What is Truth and how […]

On Dishwasher Settings

I will weigh in. Yea, I will render a point of view on this crucial issue: I say, put it on the fastest (cheapest) setting!  Why?  The really nasty pans or dishes will not be cleaned by the dish washer!  You will end up pulling out the dirty pan or dish regardless of the setting […]

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