Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

September, 2022

Where the Music Went!

It is the motto of my local – you might say – “oldies” station, playing the popular music of the late sixties and seventies.  Indeed, it was excellent music, about which Larry Norman crooned, “Why should the devil have all the good music?”! Yes, it was good, Godless music.  High quality use of instruments and […]

Tribute to Jonathan O’Toole (Movie Producer)

What does it mean to be a martyr, a witness, for Jesus? We might give consideration, in our times, to the one who saves the babies by blowing up abortuaries (and, sometimes, going to jail).  Some time in the future, such will be regarded as martyrs.  But there are others who have acted in a […]

Democrats and Biden Coming

(To the tune of Neil Young’s “Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming”) Democrats and Biden coming; They’re bringin’ that tyranny: Face masks and shots for all, For everyone short or tall. Refrain: Got to get down to it! Democrats comin’ around Should have been done long ago -o-o-o-o- What if they butchered your Babies whi-i-i-ite and […]

Sunday Mornin’

Sunday mornin’We love that day‘Cause we know JesusTook our sins awa-a-a-y!O Sunday mornin’He came a-stormin’Right out o’ that grave!So you gotta behave;It’s the thing to doTellin’ you true-hoo. To the Tune of “Monday, Monday” by The Momas & the Papas 25 Sept., 2022

To Our Mormon Visitors

29 Sept., 2022 Dear Mormons (or “Latter Day Saints” – as you fancy yourselves), For an eternity, before He made anything (angels, dirt, people), God existed as one God in three persons.  There was eternal love between the three persons of this God-head.  Thus have the (faithful) churches among all the denominations (Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, […]

Shakin’ the Hearts of the Heathen

(Isaiah 7) I’m on the path of the Alzheimerian Ridin’ down the road to oblivion, But I know the hearts of the heathen Will shake like the trees of the forest When they blow in the wind (2) While I am at rest in the arms of the Winner Who won the race for every […]

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