Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Speech – Terminlogy and Propaganda

On Being “Positive”

Eight of the Ten Commandments are negative. So is it good to be strive to be “positive”? Well, certainly, we have the highest of hopesAnd have reason to have a positive outlookFor all who repent and embrace Salvation.So, depending upon the situation we address,Whether it is holy living or some malicious mess,We may go either […]

On Vague Political Rhetoric

Indeed do politicians speak in ambiguous terms That they may be more “comprehensive” in their reach,That others their positions they may teach.Yea, to an audience more receptive to their positionsSo that at the voting booth they may make decisionsCompatible with the policies they do advocateWhich has little to do with love or with hateBut with […]


Naw!!!  Stop all this gymnastic, linguistic bullshit!  You can say “mailman” or “chairman” or “policeman” or “serviceman” or reference plenty of other tradesmen and indicate a woman in that position!  One need not get one’s knickers in a knot over the “man” terminology as if mankind excluded women folk!  Don’t be maniacal! Man up and […]

Those “Differences of Opinion”

‘Twas a time when a slaveholder was viewed by abolitionists as just another fellow citizen with contrary political beliefs.   He was entitled to his opinion (for a season),  though it was one which eventually could not be tolerated.  Some opinions are not to be tolerated when they are carried out into the public arena.   Slavery […]

The Generic “He”

Please!  Acquaint thyself With the generic “he”! You do not, so, exclude the she Who may among addressees be. It’s that singular person in English, you see, When referenced by means of a pronoun! So please!  Don’t speak like a clown Casting grammar rules to the ground! A person is a person, no matter What […]

Real Godly Revolution

The nation cannot abide baby-butchery any more than it could survive manstealing.  (Slavery, even manstealing, is de facto less heinous than the murder of a child! Duh!)  The citizenry ought not to expect grace to last for decades, much less a half century! (How long O Lord will you hold back judgment and deliverance from […]

I Will Follow You, Ooh!

Tomlin’s “I Will Follow You” “Who you love, I’ll love How you serve, I’ll serve If this life I lose, I will follow you I will follow you” “Whom you love, I’ll love”!  is correct.  Puullllleaaase!  I can’t enjoy the song because of the sloppy error.  Every time I hear the song I want to […]

Niggers and Fetuses

24 April, 2020 What is it about an offensive expression that makes it such?  Is “nigger” not a disdainful word? A word of disparagement? Insult? Even hatred? Whenever we denigrate someone or something unjustly (yes, there are times or occasions for just denunciations or denigrations), we are “offensive” to standards –  to acceptable behavior.  Accordingly, […]

The Triple Effers!

(FFF: Fags for Effing Freedom) 5 March, 2020 A synonym (“alternym”? “alternom”? Okay, nickname!) for sodomites seeking “gay rights.”  The Triple Effers.  The Dems  have truly become a coagulum of clowns, fornicators, sodomites, fools, and ghouls.  Once you abandon a standard, Truth – the determinant of right and wrong – you just go crazy!    […]

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