Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Speech – Terminlogy and Propaganda

The Problem of “Nomophobia”

Michael Bray 18 June, 2016 One of the great examples of political propaganda nomenclature of our time is the term “homophobe.” Communicators, cultural revolutionaries, and activists of all sorts delight in the use of clever – even nefarious –  neologisms to advocate for a principle or cause.  For example, political euphemisms such as  “liberal” and […]

Education, Indeed! Show the Truth!

1 Feb., 2018 On 1 October of 1981 an article appeared in the Washington Post: “Abortion Foe Pushes Film For Schools.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1981/10/01/abortion-foe-pushes-film-for-schools/22c340b3-1bb7-42f3-b855-6577fd609d4e/?utm_term=.e7883d2c6041 It began: Michael Bray, a church worker in Bowie who says he is supported by 10 Bowie pastors, wants the film shown in all the county’s public schools. He said all students should […]

The Mad Abortionist

19 Nov., 2017 Word spread of an abortionist gone mad.  The poor wretch felt threatened by the rhetoric of Christians who were calling his deeds “murderous” and himself a “murderer.”  Would he be targeted by vengeful Christian fanatics?  Might they not act upon the charge that he was truly killing babies?  This thought loomed increasingly […]

A New Center on the Abortion “Issue”

Michael Bray 10 March, 2016 So who is the “Right Winger” and who the “Leftist”? And just where do Christians want to be on that spectrum? Abortion is the lingering topic that just won’t go away.  It has been a generation, more than forty years, since the holocaust was thrust upon America by decree of […]

Ron Fitzsimmons, Abortion Promoter

August, 2011 Here is the link to Fitzsimmons’s lying confession. It is the report which prompted the CACN article below. Fitzsimmons, an affable fellow to sit and chat with, had appeared at least once on news or radio talk shows with Michael Bray. http://www.nytimes.com/1997/02/26/us/an-abortion-rights-advocate-says-he-lied-about-procedure.html CACN, Spring, 1997 Ron Fitzsimmons, Abortion Promoter The Director of the […]

Suppressing the Truth

August, 2011 Suppressing the Truth in Unrighteousness Lifesitenews.com provided an excellent illustration of the role of language and propaganda in the so-called “culture war.” The effort to advance the Truth in the face of those who want to suppress it meets with truly dishonest and deceitful tactics. Read on and recognize the fact that those […]

‘Bort Propaganda Terms and Fr. Pavone

CACN, Spring, 1999 Priests for Life? Fr. Frank Pavone opens an article in the February issue of Voices for the Unborn (Philadelphia) with: “Priests for Life denounces the incidents of violence that have occurred against abortion providers.” Our complaint other than obvious one, for which he needs to be tutored by Fr. David Trosch (send […]

The Christian Left

August 2011 Propaganda Terminology It is not only the message itself which may be the target of censorship (e.g. proclamation of the doctrine of defensive action and its applicability to the womb child), but it is also the very meaning of use of particular words which is a part of strategy of propagandists. Particular terms […]