Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Triple Effers!

(FFF: Fags for Effing Freedom)

5 March, 2020

A synonym (“alternym”? “alternom”? Okay, nickname!) for sodomites seeking “gay rights.”  The Triple Effers. 

The Dems  have truly become a coagulum of clowns, fornicators, sodomites, fools, and ghouls.  Once you abandon a standard, Truth – the determinant of right and wrong – you just go crazy!   

And how crazy does the Left get before the passagers on that vessel abandon ship and come to their senses? 

Won’t happen as long as sin persists in the hearts of men.  And so we drag on through the mess of human depravity, thankful that the Almighty sends His spirit sovereignly into the mix, mixing it up with the debauch of human confusion.  He calls singular people out of the darkness and into His Light – the message of His Word by the influence and power of His Spirit.

Yes, the light may well shine fruitfully upon those FFFers!  Have faith.  With God all things are possible.  

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