Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2020

A Nephew’s Passing

30 Jan., 2020 We are all on the same path Yet we all fall from it And so meet death At some time and some placeWe don’t know when or where But death is, indeed, there He met him unexpectedly In the middle of the night That enemy came for him And he thought he […]

Reflections on Hedonism

30 January, 2020 How deceitful pleasure can be!  When we put our own comfort and joys and situations ahead of right and truth and suffering.  All the discomfort and pain which might have served to correct and strengthen our souls is avoided and shunned in preference for pleasure and comfort. Lactantius, a church father of […]

Got to Take a Schiff!

25 Jan., 2020 Oh Mercy!  Got to Take a Schiff! Adam Schiff’s disgraceful whining against our President makes me want to apply his name in memorial fashion in “honor” of his baseless, political machinations –   as in “I need to take a schiff right now!  We are inspired to defecate.  Yes, let us relieve ourselves […]

“Faith in Action” Folly

23 January, 2020 I get a newsletter in the mail occasionally, titled Faith in Action, edited by one Ralph Reed.   The publication is devoted to advancing morality in government for which I commend it.  But it subverts this goal but undermining itself with non-sense support for the contemporary state of Israel.  Millenarian fantasies – doctrinal […]

Thane Maynard and the “Natural World” Fable

20 Jan., 2020 He is the well-known Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and an author and the host of  “The 90-Second Naturalist.”  Maynard presumes the origin and otherwise obvious design of the world to be “natural” rather than divinely orchestrated.  Such a presumption – that the world is Godlessly “natural” – is the […]

An Important Subliminal Message

20 January, 2020 Sometimes (blow ’em up) we need to make our messages less direct (blow ’em up).  People cannot handle the truth unabashedly proclaimed.   They need (blow ’em up) sometimes encouragement by indirect summons (blow ’em up)  or exhortation.  The call directly (blow ’em up) to a particular corrective or reformatory action is just […]

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

(cir. Jan. 2020) FiremenPolicemenPastorsTeachersPolitical office holdersMissionariesCoachesMartyrs (“over there”)ParentsHusbandWifeEmployersEmployeesCaregiversLobbyists (Whoops!  Forgot those”clinic bombers”!   Ah.  If you neglect to do your duty, you deny yourself blessings from God.  And when the churches of God give respect due them, revival will come.  You get blessed in your OBEDIENCE.)

To Wilmington (WCC)

7 Jan.,  2020                                                                                                          ‘Twas a time when the gates Were down No where to be found Were the people of mercy Of God Fled by the Fed Oh the dread That someone might be caught For naught! They hid themselves from the chore They closed the door No more for the poor In Spirit and […]