Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2013

Obamacare and Racism

Terence J. Hughes Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change University of Maine 404 North Sixth Street Fort Pierre, South Dakota 57532 7 January 2013 I retired from the University of Maine on 15 January 2010 after 36 years in the Department of Earth Sciences and the Climate Change Institute (70% research, 30% teaching). […]

Dealing with the Decadent Day of Silence

April, 2008 Before discussing very briefly a thought about the Day of Silence, it seems good to clarify appropriate terminology for discussing the topic of homosexuals and the proper way to treat them in the public school: whether with disdain and aloofness on the one hand or indifference and toleration on the other. Let us […]

Higher Education in Wilmington

3 May, 2010 College mission statements, like ancient laws, national codes and constitutions, sometimes fall into desuetude – out of fashion, out of favor, ignored.   If such statements or decrees are alleged to reflect Divine law, then the people – now indifferent –  have gone astray.  If there is no Law (as Modernists would have […]

An Open Letter to Senator Carey:

29 November, 2005  I read your essay on stem cell research in the Wilmington Journal today.  I was happy to see that your vote was consistent with the religious proposition that innocent human life is worthy of protection; I was sorry to read, however, that you would make your vote dependent upon the people’s will.  […]

Pastor Feldmeyer’s Beef with the “Literalists”

12 October 2006 Mr. Feldmeyer offered us counsel against the buffoonery of those in the persuasion of the naive “biblical literalist” (WNJ, 6 Oct., 2006). I was disappointed.  But not surprised. Mr. Feldmeyer, the Pastor of Wilmington UMC, inveighed against a “biblical literalist” pastor in Watertown, New York who was attempting to apply the biblical […]

The Horror of Water Boarding

15 October, 2006 Dear Editor,  Whom would Rev. Feldmeyer torture (Journal, 13 October, 2006)? Let us define what we mean by “torture.”  Less amorphous is this definition of torture: “the ripping of appendages from a body, the slicing of a live un-anesthetized body into parts, and the crushing of the skull.”  That simple definition describes, […]

Budgets and Babies in Anno Domini 2013

4 January, 2013 Dear Editor, It is often difficult for people to see the folly of their own times.  German philosophers speak of the Zeit Geist (the “time ghost” or “spirit of the time”) in which certain prejudices take root and fads prevail to the point of radically, even if temporarily, altering the mindset of […]

$5 Million for $5 Hundred?

19 March, 1996 Dear Op-Ed editor: A short piece on the ongoing mischief of Reno’s VAAPCON in Norfolk. $5 Million for $5 Hundred? The feds, having plundered the lives of decent citizens for 14 months (including the 2-month jailing of Cheryl Richardson), have moved on to Norfolk. The conclusion of that abuse of power in […]

That Wicked City, Joplin, that Slew Nancy Cruzan

 25 May, 2011  What was the matter with Joplin?  Why all the nasty wind? Of course, we who are not speaking as prophets of God can only speculate about the occasion for disasters.  When are such devastating weather-related events “natural disasters”?  And when  ̶  judgments?  Let us propose that there are no “natural disasters” since […]

Capital Punishment and the Pope

CACN, Spring, 1997 In concert with one of the fundamental laws of theological liberalism, the pope is fighting the death penalty.  He opposes capital punishment for people who commit capital crimes.  Three times in 1996, the pope sought to intercede in U.S. executions.  The latest beneficiary, Joseph O’Dell, was convicted of raping, sodomizing, and strangling […]

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