Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

February, 2021

Jovial Jessica

Jovial Jessica Jumps through hoops To make miserable men merry She draws out conversations, Overcomes the frustrationsOf aging and memory failures. Like the ticking of the clocks She drives through the blocks To get where she needs to go, And sometimes they may not show, But onward she goes to her duty. (It may help […]

Judges (Finished)

To read the book of Judges Is to read about chaos, Everyone doing his own thing. What seems good or right, You do day or night. With all your might, You walk by sight. Might like peace or prefer a fight; ‘Tis all good.  Do what you would! Don’t matter what you like: Ride a […]

Judges 10 (Puah)

(With rap rhythm) Tola was the son of Puah, Son of Dodo, a man of Issachar. He lived in Shamir, Judged for 22 year, Then along came Jair. Died and was buried in Kamon And the sons of Israel Did evil once again, So the anger of the Lord did burn. Sent ’em in the […]

Bye Rush. Wish It Were Biden!

Bon voyage to you Rush And don’t you know We’re sorry to see you go! You know we loved that view That you brought to the front; You always kept us in the know. Said, we’re sorry you had to go, But you kept us from that throe That the heathen give us every day, […]


In the pagan world of yore Where there roamed many-a whore The world full of ghouls and fools Was anything but a bore. Plenty of action Leading to contractions And babies born a-plenty And some left out in the wild With weather cold or mild. Oh but what a Child Was born for us to […]

King Scotus

There once was a king, Scotus Who laid a lot o’ crap upon us. We had to rebel, He was takin’ us to hell Sheddin’ the blood o’ those babies. (Oh, worse than rabies!) Yeah, a rabid disease it was! Folks said, “What’s the buzz? What’s up with this shit? Y’all lookin’ at tit While […]

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