Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

King Scotus

There once was a king, Scotus
Who laid a lot o’ crap upon us.
We had to rebel,
He was takin’ us to hell
Sheddin’ the blood o’ those babies.
(Oh, worse than rabies!)
Yeah, a rabid disease it was!
Folks said, “What’s the buzz?
What’s up with this shit?
Y’all lookin’ at tit
While the babies go down the drain?
Think they got no pain?
Y’all are insane!
Enough o’ dis shit,
Put him in a pit!
A plug to the head,
Make sure he’s dead.
No more to be said,
No hell to dread,
No lookin’ at the cutie,
Jus’ do your duty!

1105 on 17 Feb., 2021

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