Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


In the pagan world of yore
Where there roamed many-a whore
The world full of ghouls and fools
Was anything but a bore.
Plenty of action
Leading to contractions
And babies born a-plenty
And some left out in the wild
With weather cold or mild.
Oh but what a Child
Was born for us to save!
He charges us to behave
And take all He has given:
Breath and life in heaven.
But we just sit and chew
As if all we’re not true
Or that all was through
With nothing more to do
But grab that gift and run
Lookin’ for nothin’ but fun!
Nah, we got others to serve:
Those folks who don’t deserve
The same rescue by grace.
So pick up the pace!

12:44 on 17 Feb., 2021

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