Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

October, 2022

Thoughts on God and Hugh

He’s got all time as well as this day To bring your life into conformity With His law in all its enormity. He made the world out of nothing And is quite able to handle our bucking. Onward and upward we ever go Always remembering, ever in the know: He’s got our lives in His […]

The Devil’s Music?

“Why should the devil have all The good music?” crooned Larry! He sang it out and made us merry! (Sayin’ “Amen” to that song! Where was contemporary Christian music? Nowhere to be found; Needed Gospel lyrics to that sound!) Got a station playin’ it fine “The Oasis”! ’tis called – 105.9. But then I got […]

A Vision-like View

‘Twas early six ante-meridian And I was waking by the light As it peered through the blinds Of my window and the thought Of angelic beings came to mind.  They were peering down anxiously, Excitedly, from a great balcony in heaven Trading glances with one another In anticipation of their descent. 0635 on 19 October, […]


A Place Fit For (Fools, Ignoramuses, Rebels, and Egotists) What, essentially, is a sinner? A person fit for the fire, A Foolish, Ignorant, Rebellious Egotist; One who the worship of God resists.He imagines himself in need of no God; Thinks there’ll be no eternal rod;Passes off Jesus as a piece of lore; Ignores Him like […]


We do lack that adverbial term to describe or define that behavior which is “sexy” (dress in accord with one’s sex – without regard to “seductivity”).   We need something other than “seductively.”  Accordingly,  I offer here for the world’s worldly-wise consideration a neologism: “sexilly.”  So, for example:  “The couple, adorned in distinct attire – the […]

Lamentations Over a Trapped Skunk

(A.k.a. “A War with Nature”) Trapped that skunk and dragged His mammalian ass into the pond Where he met his doom and drowned! No more stinkin’ up our house; We trapped your ass like a mouse! Put you down under that water; You’re done bein’ a master farter! But, really, I’m sorry, little skunk; It’s […]

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