Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

December, 2019

Here I Sit, Again

23 Dec., 2019 Here I sit, again The music plays To the right The light of day Breaks through the glass The feet on the wall Over water walk To the center Where the union Shows her and me And then to the left The many that follow On that tree Free to follow And […]

“Christianity Today” Astray

To Hell with Christianity Today, the apostate magazine!  It has, over the years, strayed off the path and have become a tool of the enemy rather than a light for the nation.  For many years the magazine has been essentially absent from THE battle of our time: abortion.  Never do they report on the Christians […]

Babies Butchered

Babies butchered One, two, three Why not me? Spared was I‘Twas merciful mother How about you? You live and breathe And look away “Another day,” you say And time passes And Oh! the ashes We never see. They blow away ‘Tis another day And on it goes The Judge will come What will we say? […]

A Taxing Question

13 Dec., 2019 Tax the People to Find an AIDS Cure?“Let a bugger bear the burden For his own bad behavior”Say I Why ought the public be abusedBy the decadence of those deafTo the TruthPaying out more taxesWhen relief by repentance More certainly comes? That repentance is sparkedIndeed by painWithout which sometimesThere is no gain

Ode to Jayne and Lamentations

10 December, 2019 Essays to writeBattles to fightSo often I thought naughtAbout you You had your taskChildren to baskI had my duties to doBut you, oh youWere always there waiting“Look at me.  ‘ttention!” Oh yes, in due timeI’ve got mine to doAnd yes I didAnd we did great thingsChildren and justice Were served Life is […]

Here I sit

2 Dec. 2019 Here I sit in my own templeMusic pouring about my earsTo the right travel my feet on waterOver lands and cities distantMidway are the books of recordHistory, family, things to knowAnd to the side is Mercy’s treeRed and black with faces adornedThey smile at me, I thinkAnd I think some moreEver glad […]