Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Letter to Scott Roeder

3 Dec., 2019

Scott Roeder # 65192 
P.O. Box 1568-H.C.F.
Hutchinson, Kansas 67504

Hello Scott!

It was way back in July, according to my typed letter records.  (Have I written since by hand?  Hmm.  Couldn’t say.)  Well, it was good to talk with you this a.m.  Thanks for calling. 

We are at the beginning of another Advent for you in prison.  Is this number ten already?  (Oh time passes slowly on this side.  How strange it will be in eternity where there will be no time.)

All is quiet in the house except for my music piped in through our local WGUC – the classical station.   I switch it up some when the fam is around;  they like the regular Christmas carols on the local Christian station.  We play a lot of CDs or tapes of Christmas music.  He came and He still comes enlightening the world.  The Spirit, sent by the Father, reveals the Son to all whose hearts He opens.   (How is that for some classic “Calvinistic” – even Lutheran and Augustine – teaching.  Sound today as it was in those times.)

I need to pray more – and shall – about your ministry there; I pray that your time is Kingdom Productive (How is that? You may use the expression.)   It must sound presumptuous, even impious for me to speculate and cavalierly counsel concerning your ministry there; I know that the Spirit is with you and that He protects and uses you according to His purposes.  And I know that it would be much more pleasant for Him to ferry you away, by any means available to His omnipotence, to more pleasant company and environs.   He has His ways – which, in may ways, are “past finding out.”

It occurs to me, once again that God’s ways – are past finding out.  Why does one witness (martyr)  live on in riches and comfort while another witness (martyr) lives in liberty with the comforts of family and property.  “Calling,” of course, is the simple and doctrinal answer.  But it doesn’t always satisfy.  And, it must be affirmed and respected:  some he chooses and others He does not – for salvation.   And so He grants gifts to his elect – those who belong to Him – according to His purposes.  And there is a gift – some argue – of martyrdom.  Some have the strength and character to endure long-suffering above others. And He uses them according to His purposes which are, indeed, “past finding out.”

Well, good brother.  Thank you for calling and providing the time for prayer and meditation that has followed. 

Press on in Him,


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