Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Good Riddance

Many-a Beaten Penny

I find many-a beaten penny, Strolling the streets of Wilmington, Scratched and its glory erased By pavement sliding and scraping. O, what a drag on our coin, Unable for another to purloin, Out of the reach of  the thief. But it gives us a little relief. One less item for another to lust And it […]

Good Riddance, Roe!

Just like slavery went away So will abortion, by God, When they see the light of day! Fools will awake from their drools Zealous for Law grab their tools Justice takes up the hammer Puts butcherers in the slammer. No more blood at the “clinics” (Sorry you pro-abort cynics!) Life created in the image of […]

Bring the Mischief Maker

Isaiah 5:7-14 Bring here the mischief maker; Sit him right down for a spell. Get him to change his ways, Lest he wind up in hell! The Lord looks for justice But, lo, He beheld bloodshed! (7) O my, some folks gonna wind up dead! Woe to those who add house to house (8) Field […]

Cursed Be Methodist College

Cursed be Methodist College. They had a false teacher named Everding; “Professor” he was of New Testament. A denier of our Lord and Savior, He rejected the Scriptures as true And the faith of students he would undo.To hell with anyone who leads others astray, Faking as a teacher of holy Scripture, Seeking the hope […]

A Southern Man Calls Out the Holy Roman Catholic Church

Dear Romanist Brethren. I understand y’all are a holy church and believe that y’all’s members are expected to walk in holiness.  Now, I know we all fall into sin now an’ agin, but Ah’m wonderin’ what’s the proper way to handle a high profile kind o’ sinner as Biden is.   Ah mean, isn’t there a […]

The Imagination of the Stupid Beatles

“Imagine there’s no heaven . . . No hell below us, above us only sky. . .” Jack-ass materialists who gave no consideration to the heritage of Christianity and the freedom it provided people to follow the Truth. . . or to compose and sing stupid, hedonistic songs. “Imagine Redux” by MBray: Imagine there’re no […]

Listen, Oh Heavens and Earth

Isaiah 1 Listen, oh heavens and earth! (2) The Lord got somethin’ to say: “An ox knows well his owner (3) And an ass knows where to stay, But you fools can’t see the light of day!You’re just like your wicked parents; Want a house and pay no rents! You despise the Holy One of […]

Come, Let Us Reason Together

Is. 1:18f. “Come, let us reason together,” says the Lord“I got something for you to hear!Though your sins be as scarletI’m gonna make ’em white as snowTellin’ you, it’s a real good dealBetter than a hot free meal!But you gotta be good all day,Consent to do what I say.You gonna get the best food in […]

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