Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Good Riddance


How free? Are you free to save babies?   Or does SCOTUS BS prevent you from carrying out that simple, basic duty?  Are you ruled by the “opinions” of men in black robes who fancy themselves tyrannical proclaimers of decrees?  Do you make their dreams real by you base submission? Why remain in bondage stupid, wicked […]

Time for Rejoicing!

“Ken Peters, a pro-life advocate and pastor of Patriot Church in Lenoir City, said Christians would never commit arson or any other crime, even against a facility that aborts unborn babies.” O come, now, Pastor Peters!  Get your doctrine straight!  The saving of an innocent life justifies the destruction of property in order accomplish the […]

2 Chron 26

(20 Dec., 2021) Uzziah was strong and full of pride;Thought he could go where the priests abide,Right into that holy sanctuary!Oh!  He was quite contrary!Azariah, the priest, came in after him;Said, “Just who do you think you are?” (18)Got smitten real good with the leprosy (19)And stayed that way ’til the day he died. (21)Fool […]

Those Bad Ahabs!

2 Chron. 21-23 Yeah, Elijah wrote Libnah a letter As those prophets had hankerin’ to do. Said, “You’re walkin’ like those kings of Israel Playin’ like a whore once again; (13) What’s the Lord to do but strike you down: (14) Your wives and your goods with calamity! Gonna suffer that sickness “severe” ‘Til it’s […]

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