Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


SAC, Man! It’s a Sodomy-Abortion Crisis!

(Performed, duly, with rap-rhythm) It’s the Sodomy-Abortion crisis!It’s a virus!Got to stop itDon’t drop it from your mindGot to findThe solutionYeah, the pollutionTellin’ ya now, got to go!Oh it’s a showGot people dyingStill lyin’ and cryin’Said, we got to goPut people in the knowIt’s from the JudgeNah, He ain’t gonna budgeGot to repentThe trouble been […]

He Took the Fall

The rain falls down upon The just and the unjust. Down it comes from Him above. Where is the love? We wonder why the trouble The sassing, the hassle. “Life is a drag!” we whine When all is truly quite fine. The King rules well, Keeps us from hell, And more than that He steps […]