Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Each of the Temptations

Each of the Temptations Fell into temptation and None lived happily ever after. Life is more than songs and fun Jokes and money and laughter, Running and reeling, Looking for feeling, Not knowing what to do, No grip on what’s true. At the end of the day There is only one way; Do what is […]

Prayer for ANTIFA

O Lord, save those ANTIFA jackasses.  Move upon their hearts!  Redirect their energies!  Use them for Your glory.  There are babies out there that need salvation.  There are abortuaries across the land that need to be “addressed.”  Convert their lost souls and re-direct their zeal; use their talents.  O Lord, You did bless them with […]

He Loves You, Yeah, Yeah. . .!

Yeah, He loves us Folks white as a sheet Others black as the night Not about the color All about the chasin’ And He ain’t losin’ Anyone whom he calls. Gird up those balls He’s breakin’ down walls Got people to reach Souls to teach Yeah, things to do. Gonna pull one over on you […]

Grace Trumps Choice

Thanks Be to God! He “hardens hearts” – that are already bent against Him (as are all “natural” hearts since the fall in Adam).  He did not pervert that which was already perverted by Adam’s rebellion!   And neither did He make hard that which was “soft” – and receptive and obedient and holy and righteous!  […]

Hope in Moses

Whether you lost a child by “natural” miscarriage or whether you mistreated your child in desperation or selfishness and committed an “abortion,” there is hope for you found in the words of God recorded by Moses. In the book which has come down to us as “Deuteronomy” there is hope in the “life to come” […]

SAC, Man! It’s a Sodomy-Abortion Crisis!

(Performed, duly, with rap-rhythm) It’s the Sodomy-Abortion crisis!It’s a virus!Got to stop itDon’t drop it from your mindGot to findThe solutionYeah, the pollutionTellin’ ya now, got to go!Oh it’s a showGot people dyingStill lyin’ and cryin’Said, we got to goPut people in the knowIt’s from the JudgeNah, He ain’t gonna budgeGot to repentThe trouble been […]

He Took the Fall

The rain falls down upon The just and the unjust. Down it comes from Him above. Where is the love? We wonder why the trouble The sassing, the hassle. “Life is a drag!” we whine When all is truly quite fine. The King rules well, Keeps us from hell, And more than that He steps […]