Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill



In the pagan world of yore Where there roamed many-a whore The world full of ghouls and fools Was anything but a bore. Plenty of action Leading to contractions And babies born a-plenty And some left out in the wild With weather cold or mild. Oh but what a Child Was born for us to […]

King Scotus

There once was a king, Scotus Who laid a lot o’ crap upon us. We had to rebel, He was takin’ us to hell Sheddin’ the blood o’ those babies. (Oh, worse than rabies!) Yeah, a rabid disease it was! Folks said, “What’s the buzz? What’s up with this shit? Y’all lookin’ at tit While […]

Februation, No More.

O that month of februation, Pagan sacrifice to appease Those demons demanding lives, Offering nothing but words in return. The fear of death grips soul and mind And drives men to work and grind But that was the way of the past. And today we are free from worry, Anxiety and fear we did bury […]

Relief From the Devil’s Spell

How easy it is to point That finger at our fathers And rail about their slavery And all that segregation While we sit about in ease Seeking only ourselves to please Sucking up our comfort and wealth While the blood of innocents flows. We click those keys for the “net” And get our news while […]

Shamgar Delivers

Shamgar struck 600 with an ox goad; Down went those nasty Philistines. But Israel just couldn’t get it right And did evil again after Ehud died. So the Lord turned ’em over to King Jabin. Had a commander Sisera with 900 men. With chariots they bugged Israel 20 years, But Deborah became Israel’s boss And […]

Where Went They?

Gone our fellow house dwellers? Did they fly away? Suddenly we realize Gone they are all day! Kids up and left Found new cribs to live In with husbands, indeed! Oh, they did grow up, Gone and on their own. Got their own telephone Even a whole new address Where they make their own mess […]

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