Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


No Ministry Do They Provide

No “ministry” do cults provideAnd you, from God, they divide.By heresy they lied,Deceived fools, and tookTheir listeners for a ride.The Triune One you must serveAnd from Him do not swerve.Whether a Smithy MormonOr a foolish young ‘ne,A Wierville Wayist,Or a Watchtower Witness,Come out o’ the darknessAnd follow the Son to eternity:The Second Person of the […]

Daniel Best Expectation

No worry ’bout Daniel Best; A follower of Jesus, He’s at rest! No matter what the “might ‘a’ been”; He’s up there with all our kin: Yeah, those followers of our Lord, Who, with Him, never get bored.‘T ain’t easy to press on in the WordIn a world where it seems absurdTo put your trust […]

Minority Rules

Don’t matter how many Muslims, Rinos, or Dems are out there! On Judgment Day, without Him, you’ll be smokin’.Gonna be a real hot burn and you won’t be able to turn.Best to repent and get it straight on this side of lifeWhere with the heathen you may have some strife.Nothin’ compared to the holy disdain […]

Lord, You Take Good Care of Me!

You take good care of me So what else do I need?Got my breath; got Your stare.What else to worry or care?Don’t need all that money;Got me a real good honey.She takes care of me, tooWhen You’re too busy to.(Just kidding.  I know youNever look away from me,But have me ever in view.Got that omniscience […]

Tolerated, Outlawed, and (finally) Shunned

            Abortion will follow the same course as slavery.              Mankind, sin-ridden as it is, falls into stupid, ridiculous, and (yes) wicked habits.  It is a feature of humanity since the disobedient eating of that fruit (Gen. 3:6).             For many years, humanity was caught up in the sin of slavery.  A condition one might […]

On Speaking That Truth

In speaking the Truth, you may offend Smithy Mormons, Watchtower Witnesses, Wierville Wayists, Democrats, RINOs or maybeEven right-wing or regular lefty sodomites!So, hope for the best and anticipate the worst:Some will receive it and others will cover and run,But you will not lose out on the ultimate fun.You will have obeyed the call to summonThose […]

How You Doin’?

“How you doin’?” a fellow might say As  I’m walkin’ in the light of day. “Doin’ right (actually quite) well, Good health and escaped from hell! Can’t ask for much more or complainNo matter the troubles or pain.”Yeah, there is much to be thankful for.Just a quick look around; open the door!Take a peak at […]

Gay We Are!

We, saved by His grace, have always been the happiest.   Indeed, we are properly gay! Why do we defer to the claim of the sodomites to be the happy ones?  The gay ones?  We, of all people, are the most thankful, joyful, and gay of all! Sodomites are, on the contrary, confused, anxious, and  miserable.  […]


Your sins are so bad that the deaths of all the people of the world – on your behalf – would not be sufficient to atone for your sins.  They merit eternal punishment!  We humans are in big time bad shape without our Savior – the eternal One, the God and Savior, the Lord Jesus. Thank the Son for coming down.  […]

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