Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Dealin’ With the Facts!

Hmmm.  Jesus rose from the dead.Hmmm.  What DOES this MEAN?Why did He rise?  Why did He die?Hmm. What’s is all about, Alfie?Well, best to get some answersFrom somebody who is in the know;And who might that be?  Any so-and-so?Nah. . .  Got to go with the prophets:The cats that got the Word from God!They can […]

He Did Part Some Waters

Well, He did part some waters,But He moved no mountains.Indeed, He did create all thingsAnd He could destroy it all in a wink.Just sayin’ – Keep your facts straight!He rose from the dead and He saidThat He paid for your sin;More important than you stayin’ thinOr getting all that you want.You need nothing but His […]

Didn’t Part Every Sea!

No, He did not move every mountain Nor part every sea! He moved and parted what ever He wanted, According to His own plan and purpose. He healed some and visited some; He didn’t go to China or Australia or Europe; Didn’t even come on over here to America! The purposes of the Triune God […]

Those Important Facts

Well, He did part some waters, But He moved no mountains! (Indeed, He created all things And He could destroy all in a wink!) Just sayin’!  Keep your facts straight! He rose from the dead and He said That He paid the price for your sin: More important than you stayin’ thin. On gettin’ all […]

No Talking to the Dead

Yeah, it was wise of the Lord to forbid folks from talking to the dead. Think of the many failures of communication among the living! Think of the many people we overlook and fail to greet and encourage. The Lord has wisely forbidden us from conversing with the dead And charged us to speak with […]

The Deity of Jesus

(A Reflection Upon American Heretics) If General Samuel Jones comes into the company of a gathering of soldiers and I address him publicly as “Jonesy” or  “Sammy boy,” I would be offending him and bring about some disdain from him upon myself.  I would be failing to treat him with the dignity that is appropriate […]

Beverly Bray Rides On

A widow, a widower and a divorce*; Oh, life was rough on Beverly Bray! Those kids put her right through the ringer And her firstborn went to the “clinker”! They put the bloke right in the clink As if he needed time to think About ‘is “wicked” deeds! (O come on fools!  Awaken! On whose […]

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