Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


My Trump Hat

Yeah, I wear my Trump hat; (You can take your umbrage at that). Got to do what I got to do; Might even get through to you! There’s life and death you see, The same with you, me and a baby. Got that “imago” stamped in our soul And His salvation keeps us out o’ […]

Come Out of It,  Anti-Trinitarian Heretics!

Whether a Mormon, a Witness Or a Wierville Wayist, Come on up out of the mist And worship the One, Triune!Need not continue as a buffoonFooled by some damned heretic;(Those folks make a fellow sick!).You need the truth of the One who diedAnd while all His friends wept and cried,He raised Himself from death, dude!(Number […]

That Rest Day

Yeah, on the Lord’s Day we rest, Having been busy all week Kickin’ that pagan ass and declaring That life in the ChurchAnd the reign of the King! Ah but rest is no easy thing; We praise Him with all our might As we thank Him for the fight Where He was there with us […]

Which Jesus?

So . . . which Jesus? The “Jesus” of Joseph Smith? The “Jesus” of Wierville?The “Jesus” of Muhammad?(Lots of false christs out there!)The Jesus of the Bible is God:The Second Person of the Trinity,Sharing divinity with the Spirit and Father.Get it straight before Judgment Day;By no means a small matter.Don’t disrespect the Savior:A king is […]

Democrats, Repent!

If you’re a Democrat, repent; You know you got a bad bent. No way to justify sodomy and abortion (Your mind has suffered some distortion). Yeah, they used to be an option;(Seems they swallowed some kind o’ concoction!)Return to the Word of God, the truth, Not a matter of some voting booth.He spoke it right […]


Get right with the Trinity! So, who says there is no God? Why, it’s the fool!And who denies that Jesus is Christ?Why, it is the anti-Christ!So, which is worse?Let’s see here.  There are jerksOut there with warped imagination,And there are those who know betterAnd reject that Jesus is the One;(All about having “fun”).But there is […]

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