Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Sprinkled the Bood of those Lambs

2 Chon 30:16-31:1 Yeah, they sprinkled the blood of those lambs Bringin’ sinners clean out of their jams ‘Twas a geuine means of consecration (17) And an occasion for lots of celebration. Preparation of the heart was the key to be clean (19) You thought it was New Testament thing? Says, “With great joy they […]

That Rift with the Heathen

There is always be a rift Between the heathen and those with a gift, That awakening by the Spirit Who gives life without regard to merit. Left to that measure, we’d be doomed, No matter how we worked and groomed Ourselves to be pleasing in His sight. We’re too far down to find the way […]

Salvation is the Solution

Salvation is the SolutionAll are sorely disoriented:Minds boggled by sin;Got to have a revelationTo come clean out of the din.Need that heart puncturedBy the very Spirit of GodTo get that dose of PowerThat comes from the Holy GhostWho opens our minds with the mostAnd enables us to see the truthOf our sin and need for […]

Separation: Damn the Democrats

Just as we would separate ourselves from an association with Nazis or the KKK, so ought we to shun the damned pro-abort Democratic party!  And yet, many Christians still remain happily in fellowship with such a damned political party!  What’s up with that? Sin!  We may easily suppose that such is the explanation.  It makes […]

Sprinkled That Blood

2 Chron. 29:21f. Bulls, rams, lambs, and sheep Seven of each they slaughtered Blood flowing everywhere The earth was quite will watered; Sprinkled that blood on the altar Before the king and assembly (Think about it all you Baptists; Don’t have to dunk ’em in that water) The way of the Lord is to sprinkle […]

Make a Covenant With the Lord

2 Chron 29:8f. Make a covenant with the Lord So you can turn the anger away All day.  Make a covenant with the Lord And you do what He says every day. Miss that terror, horror, and hissing; Turn your suffering into some kissing. A good bride is what you need Takes care o’ that […]

Abortion: the Simple Truth

Every child in sinful from the moment of conception, whether conceived through fornication, adultery or holy matrimony.  That is the truth we have from God’s word.  It is the consequence of our forefather, Adam and his disobedience.  And yet each child retains and bears the very image of God (imago Dei) from that same point […]

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