Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


To Keep Us from Hell

To keep us out of hell Took He on the nefariousness Of every ne’er-do-well! O what a Savior we have To bring us such a salve As to wipe us eternally clean – The “good guys” as well as the mean. Everyone by sin is surely infected, But among them are the selected Who by […]

Christ Mass?

We generally associate a “Mass” with the death of Christ for our sins by which we are given life.   But in Christmas we are not directly in celebration of a special Eucharist or “Mass.” We are celebrating the incarnation of God.  We are celebrating the long-awaited arrival (preceding His death for our sins and His resurrection […]

A High Speciosity Rating

Such must be granted to the Democratic party members who continue their alliance with the post-Roe, pro-abort citizens of the land.   How long will the party continue to court death today as it did slavery long ago – all in the name of “liberty” for the mother to kill her child and the “freedom” for […]

The Devil’s Hold on the Murderer

Many-a murderer does not want to face his murder, call it what it is, and get forgiveness.   Too much guilt.  Too heavy, especially for one who knows not the far-reaching coverage of the blood of Jesus.   It was an accident, says he, or not his fault or the victim deserved it (and vindication is due […]

The Unity of Muslims and Jews

Muslims and Jews have unity in Christlessness Sharing that common ground in darkness! Unite, then, now, as you’ll be together Forever in the place down under. Might as well get used to that company That you will share together below Since that Savior you refused to know. Oh, but don’t trust in the bonds of […]

What Matters

What you think, What I think, What you feel, What I feel Really doesn’t matter. What matters is The FACT Of the resurrection Of Jesus. 15 November, 2022

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