Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

No Ministry Do They Provide

No “ministry” do cults provide
And you, from God, they divide.
By heresy they lied,
Deceived fools, and took
Their listeners for a ride.
The Triune One you must serve
And from Him do not swerve.
Whether a Smithy Mormon
Or a foolish young ‘ne,
A Wierville Wayist,
Or a Watchtower Witness,
Come out o’ the darkness
And follow the Son to eternity:
The Second Person of the Trinity!
Don’t get deceived and derailed,
By fools en route to that eternal jail!
Yeah.  “He’s a good God!
He’s good God Almighty.”
Come out o’ your foolish lurch;
Get with God’s people, His Church:
Those who follow the Word,
Standing against sodomy and abortion
And praising God without distortion.
Talking about the Three In One!
With heresy be done!

2 April, 2024

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