Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Fathers’ Rights

Two Children, Maybe Three”

“Two children, maybe three” Sang those Temptations In conformity With birth control trolls, Those monitors of the earth Who frown upon birth When numbers exceed What they think the planet needs. But what will they say Facing the Creator on that Day In whose image they were made? What stocks and bonds will they trade? […]

Forty Whacks

Forty whacks is the max; You cannot give them more! If they can’t conduct themselves, Throw them out the door. But bring about correction Lest you rear a whore. Give them love and direction Needed all the more For rebels and disputants Looking for the chance When they can distance Themselves from correctionForsaking divine protection […]

To Name the Grands!

Of grandkid names I got a plan An idea for you To name the grands! How about an Igor or Gustavo No big deal if you don’t go For it. Of course I know A sovereign thing for you To do is name your own. You’re all alone On that decision, So you make no […]

Forty Whacks is the Max

Forty whacks is the max Says the book, Deuteronomy Right there in Chapter 25, verse 3 Ya know those beatings, beat the jail, Give the mind a taste of hell But way down there They’ll never cease No relief and never peace.Best learn now, give sin a rest Walk with God and do your best. […]

The 1620 Project

Back at cha BLM commies!  How about an Abortuary Bombing Mission?  Call it the ABM Project.  Justice! Justice for the unborn!  Save those babies by any means necessary. So the commandment reads: “Justice! Justice you shall pursue that you may live!” (Deuteronomy 16:20).  You BLM perverts want to live?  Then pursue justice for the innocent […]

A Nation Guilty

The whole damned nation is guiltyDemocrats for advocatingRepublicans for toleratingFive decades of baby butchery.We are a sick peopleAll worthy of death.Repentance alone will save usAnd only by the graceOf the One who died for peopleOf every nation.His mercy is more precious than gold.No time for shyness, but to be boldAnd revolt against the slaughtersOf sons […]

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