Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

December, 2021

Alexa Won’t Play!

Alexa won’t play no Jesus-praisin’ music! Give it a try and see if I ain’t right. All this “Need a little Christmas” trash: Bring out the holly; fill up the stockings; Candles in the windows, etcetera, etcetera. Can ‘t play that wench! Leaves on the soul a stench! Give me somethin’ to move my feet […]

Serving Your Country!

“Serving your country” can be a good deal If you’re doing it in America! Get a free education at Annapolis Or West Point or Colorado Springs. Yeah, they pay your way all day! What a deal for such noble service! Now, I didn’t mind Annapolis; Met some excellent men when I was there. And I […]

Death Will Come to Us All

Death came to Hugh As it came to Matthew And will come to one and all. And while caught up in the thrall Of life’s actions and speculations, Best to focus upon relations, Especially with the Maker Rather than the Taker. O, the devil would have us fall For those “blessings” that come to all, […]

2 Chron 26

(20 Dec., 2021) Uzziah was strong and full of pride;Thought he could go where the priests abide,Right into that holy sanctuary!Oh!  He was quite contrary!Azariah, the priest, came in after him;Said, “Just who do you think you are?” (18)Got smitten real good with the leprosy (19)And stayed that way ’til the day he died. (21)Fool […]

No Nuts in My Peanut Butter!

I do like those nuts and I like that butter But I don’t want no nuts in my peanut butter! No, sir!  I want things decent and in order, And combinin’ those two just ain’t right! Ahm tellin’ true what a fellow got to do!; Forsake that phony and corrupt product; You got to have […]

The Trump-supporting DC Rioters

The acquisition of some perspective allows one an easy defense for those who tore up Washington in protest of the Biden victory and election to the office of POTUS.  Hippies acting up in the Sixties in protest to the Viet Nam war had far lesser grounds for their rioting than do those who protested the election […]

The Lord Died for the Sodomite

Yes, the Lord died for the sodomite Just as He died for all sinners. But the salutary action is conditional, Dependant upon a certain transaction. Got to turn from that burning inclination And grab hold of that salvation, Which comes by means of repentance; Not talking about labor and penance. Turn from the burn and […]

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