Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

July, 2023

Incapable of Innocence

Hosea 8:5 “Incapable of Innocence”- Whoah!Actually, ’tis everyone you  know!Infected with that thing called sin;Just can’t get out o’ that din!Stuck like a wheel in a muddy rut;Nothin’ but to sit on your butt.Just can’t get out o’ that hole!Put some cereal in your bowlAnd just lie down and relax;Take a load off everybody’s back.Got […]

Higher Education Meditation

“Higher education” is really bullshit education which suffuses students with a materialist worldview having no comprehension of spirit, of God, of a Maker.  From the get-go, a student in such a system must be constantly indoctrinated with the presuppositions of the educators/propagandists: viz., the assumption that the world is eternally material and that there was […]

Oh, The Beach!

Oh, the beach! Where pure is the air And the family is there! The ocean cleans our bodies (And serves as our potty). Kids are rolling in water and sandAnd we are our own band.We may get a little burned,But long ago we learnedThat the fun was worth it all.Then it’s back home ’til fallAnd […]

O Fool!

Tryin’ to live your own way, Puttin’ off Jesus for another day. Not going to be workin’  for you too good When up before Him you are stood,Facing the One who died for youWhile you found something else to do!O fool!  What were you thinkin’?!?!Down below you’ll be stinkin’Along with lots of blasphemersAnd a whole […]