Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

May, 2023

Dealin’ With the Facts!

Hmmm.  Jesus rose from the dead.Hmmm.  What DOES this MEAN?Why did He rise?  Why did He die?Hmm. What’s is all about, Alfie?Well, best to get some answersFrom somebody who is in the know;And who might that be?  Any so-and-so?Nah. . .  Got to go with the prophets:The cats that got the Word from God!They can […]

BAMN, Says I!  Give It a Try

Vengeance is the Lord’s And rescue is ours: BAMN! By Any Means Necessary! So give thanks for your bomber comrades: Some single, some moms, and some dads! And  let ’em fly: bricks or fine grenades. Ours is to do more than just to pray! Got to save those innocents about to die. Whatever your choice, […]

The Slum Lord

They are easily found around.Property is purchased and let to sitTo accrue value by associationWith the productive neighbors.They enjoy the increase in valueBrought by the homes of othersKept up by their labor and care,While the “lords” lounge and neglectTo maintain their houses, exploitingThe labors of those who keep upTheir homes with responsible diligence.Yes, derelicts and […]

Among Those Grands

Among those grands got a Luther and a Calvin! Keepin’ those angels and saints up there laughin’! The Word goes on throughout the world As life to the dead is unfurled. New lives will carry forth the Word of Life, Whether you’re single or got a wife. The Lord will supply the land with people […]

He Did Part Some Waters

Well, He did part some waters,But He moved no mountains.Indeed, He did create all thingsAnd He could destroy it all in a wink.Just sayin’ – Keep your facts straight!He rose from the dead and He saidThat He paid for your sin;More important than you stayin’ thinOr getting all that you want.You need nothing but His […]

Didn’t Part Every Sea!

No, He did not move every mountain Nor part every sea! He moved and parted what ever He wanted, According to His own plan and purpose. He healed some and visited some; He didn’t go to China or Australia or Europe; Didn’t even come on over here to America! The purposes of the Triune God […]

Birds at My Pond

The gold finch and cardinal come to my pond What a sight, what a privilege to behold! Water, the fount of life, is there To draw them here for me to watch Their cautious movements as they scour, Side to side, while taking in the drink. O the living things everywhere to see, The beauty […]

Those Important Facts

Well, He did part some waters, But He moved no mountains! (Indeed, He created all things And He could destroy all in a wink!) Just sayin’!  Keep your facts straight! He rose from the dead and He said That He paid the price for your sin: More important than you stayin’ thin. On gettin’ all […]

No Talking to the Dead

Yeah, it was wise of the Lord to forbid folks from talking to the dead. Think of the many failures of communication among the living! Think of the many people we overlook and fail to greet and encourage. The Lord has wisely forbidden us from conversing with the dead And charged us to speak with […]

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