Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Those Important Facts

Well, He did part some waters,
But He moved no mountains!
(Indeed, He created all things
And He could destroy all in a wink!)
Just sayin’!  Keep your facts straight!
He rose from the dead and He said
That He paid the price for your sin:
More important than you stayin’ thin.
On gettin’ all that you want,
You need nothin’ but His name to flaunt!
His is above all names and He saves
And releases those who are slaves.
In what race are we in the human race?
Of someone trying to get ahead?
Is it really “second place” that we dread?
The Firstborn has made us all first,
Who for truth and justice thirst!
And He bore the punishment for all of us
And satisfied the demands of justice!
We have nothing but the best to clutch;
O He has given us so much,
Beyond what one could ever touch.
Unfit we are to be in His presence!
How much more that He died
For those who murdered and lied!

6 and 8 May, 2023 early p.m.

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