Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Actors in the Kingdom: selections

What Is a “Provider”?

What is a “provider”? One man’s “provider” may be another man’s “abuser”!  (Or murderer!) A man who steals from a farm and gives the stolen goods to a poor “immigrant” (or invader), might be called a “provider” by some and a “thief” by others. So the sinister (and, indeed, demonic) use of the term to […]

Re-presentation of the Sin of Omission

We call it “tolerance.”  If our calling as Christians includes the doing good as well as the action of restraint from doing evil – i.e. “positive” as well as “negative” commands –  we may well sin when we fail to oppose evil. To tolerate evil is a sin just as it is a sin to […]


            What Council has displayed more unity of the Church than K-Love? The music is a pleasant feature of the day.  One can take into his spirit life-giving praise of the Triune God and edifying words of truth.             Thanks be to God for live, Jesus-praising music on Christian radio! 9 Nov., 2023

“Freedom of Religion”?

There surely is a moral evolution (or devolution) Of a people as they abide by or abandon The Law of God. Nations rise and fall sometimes by their brutality or passivity, But more rightfully by the moral behavior of the people Reflected in the standards that they maintain. Sadly, in the name of Freedom of […]

Justice Shall You Do!

Yes, and do it you must or be damned.  How many sat around while Roe was spreading innocent blood across the country? How many people drove past an abortuary on their way to church? How many watched slaves being sold to industrious (or greedy) farmers trying to “get ahead” of their competitors? Yes, the sin […]

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