Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Actors in the Kingdom: selections

(Illegal Poetry)

Revival!Abortuaries were burning Across the fruited plain!A soothing aroma was going up to heavenThe angels were rejoicingRevival had come to God’s frozenA new era had dawned and peopleWere finally coming around. Glory!Sodomites and abortionistsWere hanging in the public squaresOf every city on gallowses!Then I awoke. It was only a dream. June, 2020

On Cardinal Burke and Joe Biden

“Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke said Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden should not receive Holy Communion because of his long record of supporting abortion on demand.”  So says this report: But, uh, I just don’t understand why this murder-supporting, heretic “catholic” is not excommunicated!  It makes me wonder how my Romanist brethren can stomach retaining the […]

“Oureia Ekbole”

That would be the transliteration of the expression which references “children exposed on the mountains” according to Euripedes as noted in my Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell and Scott, 7th edition).  One finds this information when looking up the single word “ekbole” which means 1) “a throwing” and 2) “ejectment, banishing the cargo overboard.”  It is not […]

Sportin’ My MAGA Hat!

Sportin’ My MAGA Hat!Said to me, “How you do it?”“Do what?” said I.Said, “Make America Great again”?“You got to blow ’em up real good!”‘How’s that?” said he“You heard me! Boom!”There just ain’t no roomIn a land of good and plentyTo sit around emptyOf mercy and indignation.We got to fix this nation.Got things to do, we’re […]

The Cause of the Plague

15 April, 2020 To the extent that we might interpret this Corona Virus – albeit by the help of sound theological outlook -yea without special claim to prophetic insights  – to be a genuine plague brought to us personally by the Almighty, it would behoove us to take stock of our national selves and consider […]

Xavier Becerra, the Apostate

(California Attorney General (and Apostate) Xavier Becerra) He persecutes Christians – David Daleiden, for example – and is campaigning, as a good Catholic Christian, for Joe Biden!   See a summary report right here: So why is this apostate, Becerra, allowed to continue under the name of “Catholic” – and “co-chairing” a group called “Catholics for […]

The Rain Falls Down

The rain falls down upon The just and the unjust. Down in comes from Him above. Where is the love? We wonder why the trouble The sassing, the hassle. “Life is a drag!” we whine When all is truly quite fine. The King rules quite well, He keeps us from hell, And more than that […]

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