Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Actors in the Kingdom: selections

Bored and Abhorred

If you don’t want to be abhorred By the Lord Don’t be bored Doing nothing to stop the hordes From taking up swords Against the innocent ones Who don’t get the fun Of life on God’s earth Denied that birth And their imago Dei worth. Oh what a curse Upon those who first Lifted their […]

On Fags and Forgiveness

26 May, 2020 A Lesson from Leviticus (18:26) What were God’s people to do with those “non-Christians” – those Godless who were living within their jurisdiction?  Israel required the “foreigner” – the non-convert – dwelling among them to conform to the divine moral standards – the Law.   It did not matter what the foreigner’s “orientation” […]

Michelle, The Obamanation Mistress

28 April, 2020 “Empathy is our lifeline here. It’s what will get us to the other side. Let’s use it to redirect our attention toward what matters most, reconsider our priorities, and find ways to better remake the world in the image of our hopes.” So says Michelle Obama.  https://news.yahoo.com/michelle-obama-documentary-becoming-premiere-170014157.html .  Yeah, she got herself […]

Wilmington: Abortion-Free Zone

March, 2020 We hope to be spared the judgment due this nation. And we hope other towns will keep themselves abortion-free.  We abhor the shedding of innocent blood and plea for God’s mercy as He brings due retribution upon a people who have tolerated the wicked decrees of SCOTUS.  The tyrant rules only by the […]

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