Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Actors in the Kingdom: selections

Bulls, Sheep, And Goats

(2 Chron 30:17) Bulls, sheep, and goats Made a mighty fine libation; To the Lord they were consecrated. Those Levites had a great job: Nothin’ from God they would rob. Passover was extended back then To folks from Issahar and Zebulun And even from Ephraim and Manasseh. (18) The Lord was their Commander and Master. […]

70 Bulls

2 Chron. 29:32f. 70 bulls, 100 rams, and 200 lambs They sacrificed to the Lord with joy, Singing praises as they bowed and worshiped. Needed extra Levites to help out the priests Who were less conscientious than the laymen! And so it was, as it often does go With the ones who follow the ones […]

Separation: Damn the Democrats

Just as we would separate ourselves from an association with Nazis or the KKK, so ought we to shun the damned pro-abort Democratic party!  And yet, many Christians still remain happily in fellowship with such a damned political party!  What’s up with that? Sin!  We may easily suppose that such is the explanation.  It makes […]

Election Fraud and Revolution

One ought not use “election fraud” as a justification for revolution. That would be a relatively weak excuse. https://www.nationalreview.com/2022/01/seditious-conspiracy-is-the-wrong-charge-in-the-capitol-riot-prosecutions/ A revolution is a serious issue – lots of dead folks.  Got to have a good reason to call for such a price.  What is gained in return? In the American Revolution, it was voting rights (Wow.  […]

Abortion: the Simple Truth

Every child in sinful from the moment of conception, whether conceived through fornication, adultery or holy matrimony.  That is the truth we have from God’s word.  It is the consequence of our forefather, Adam and his disobedience.  And yet each child retains and bears the very image of God (imago Dei) from that same point […]


14 Jan., 2022 A prolife administration will establish a Bureau of Abortionist Terminators by which they will eliminate baby-butchers from the land.  It is not a hard thing to do: Executive order (political, based upon biological truth) declaring the humanity of children in the womb followed by police action by which they would close down […]

Conversations in Heaven

I am imagining heaven, sitting around with some angels talking with other humans about their exploits back in Earth Time.  It wouldn’t be bragging because we would be without sin; we would talk about our harrowing days in conflict with a sin-ridden world.  “Yeah, I died in Nam, serving my country,” one might say.  Then […]

An Endless Supply of Scrap Paper

An endless supply of scrap paper I have Thanks to the suit brought by Planned Parenthood: Paper printed out with all kinds of numbers Referencing data on my computer, But blank on the other side where I write Poems about bombing those “clinics,” Bringing joy to pro-life cynics Waiting decades for the fall of Roe […]

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