Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Capitol Area Christian News (1991-2002)

Resisting the Tyrant Federal Judiciary (CACN, Wint 1999)

In this issue no. 30 (Winter, 1999), as the title indicates, we are well put out by the Court which, after five years of litigation, has determined that our speech threatens those who feel threatened – abortionists, the shooting of whom we cannot in good conscience condemn.  In this report we explain to the readers that Bray scheduled to undergo “post-judgment […]

“William the Apostate” (CACN, March 1993)

Poseur Bill Clinton, the pagan in Southern Baptist choir robes, is the subject of this lead article.  His station in history calls to mind the renegade nephew of Constantine, Julian the Apostate (p. 1). Michael Colvin writes about the abuse of a church which was renting space from a public school in Fairfax County, Virginia (p. 3). […]

60 Minutes and Lutherans (CACN Spr 1999)

Posted on 12 February, 2015 The following is a summary of the Capitol Area Christian News, published in the Spring of 1999.  The complete copy is available for download at link at the end of this page. The feature article report on “The Minister’s Blessing,” the lead 60 Minutes story with Dan Rather aired on 14 April, 1999.   Rather’s story included […]

Running with Rudolph (CACN Wint 1998)

In this issue (no.  28) we cheer one whom the world is shunning, Eric Rudolph.  We must carefully chart our way through muddy ethical waters.  He is charged with two types of deeds: 1) abortuary demolition in Burmingham and 2) attacks upon A) a sodomite bar, and B) Olympic Park.  Can a stream produce both […]

Presidential Election (CACN Sep 1992)

9 Feb., 2015 The lead article derides candidates Clinton and Gore with quotes from their former “stands” against abortion: Governor Clinton said: “I am opposed to abortion and to government funding of abortions” in writing to Earlene Windsor or Arkansas Right to Life on Sept. 26, 1986. More recently on July 14, 1991, addressing the […]

Report from Pensacola II (CACN Wint 1994)

The “II” refers to the second trial in Pensacola of an abortionist terminator.  Paul Hill had been the major support of Michael Griffin when the latter was tried.  Now Hill took Griffin’s place as a notorious defendant, charged with “murdering” two abortionists.  We take to task Hill’s detractors; in particular, we consider the asinine judgments […]

Our Statement of Purpose (CACN Mar 1991) – Issue no. 1

This premier issue of Capitol Area Christian News was published two years after my release from prison (spring of 1989).  The stated goal was “to encourage local churches in local ministry.  We will report on the action of local churches and their impact upon neighborhoods.”  The local church “is that fundamental social order by which the triune […]

Fathers’ Rights Society (CACN Spr 1997)

In this issue no. 24 we apologize for the hiatus between publications. We were busy and declared such. “The month of May heralds that birth of our seventh daughter as well as the sixteenth birthday of our firstborn,” we explained. The lead essay was a parody – of sorts – recounting the story of Samson […]

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